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HIGH Ceruloplasmin Q…I know this number is artificially elevated due to inflammation (I have the C-reactive protein test that confirms inflammation is an issue). Iron is high, Copper is high and CP is high. Only thing low is Mag RBC. I intend to use the suggestions to clear iron. My question is if the Root Cause Protocol is helpful in this case as well. Should I still be trying to “raise” my Ceruloplasmin? Are there any steps of the protocol that might be detrimental in this case?

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  1. Morley Robbins MJ Hampstead any input for her?

  2. I would think yes, but let's see what Magman or an Admin says.

    Maybe we need a Rules List for a given lab results situation so there's ni guessing or the same question repeated…. (kind of like the hormone D situation).

    Is this possible?

  3. I hope you're donating blood, Lori!

  4. Thanks for your input! I did donate blood a few weeks ago, but I had to stop half way through as they told me I have small and deep veins. It was taking forever (took them forever to find a vein too) and they didn't meet the time deadline. Apparently I am not an ideal canddiate 🙁

  5. Posting your results is best, but yes. You should still be following the steps to raise Cp. Cp exists in 2 states. Yours is the unfavorable state of inflammation. We are aiming for the other state, which is to bind copper.


  6. I have a illness with inflammation as a main issue my RBC mag I can never get it up past 2..my D3 is always low 23 now..I'd love to see what they say.
    I know I'm dehydrated. I need extracellular mag but can't figure out how.

  7. Lori Maas Willner
    Gee…. I can't imagine why you're confused about this?!?… 😉

    OK, we KNOW that Ceruloplasmin has a "Jeckyll/Hyde" quality to it…
    o Dr. Jeckyll = Ferroxidase enzyme function
    o Mr. Hyde = Immunoreactive Protein

    The object of the Root Cause Protocol is to get Mo' Jeckyll, and LESS Hyde… In effect, we are "strengthening" the Ferroxidase function of this CRITICAL enzyme…

    And that's a GOOD catch that we need to clarify as there are likely beaucoup MAG-pies & MAG-nets that are wondering the EXACT same thing…

    Make sense?….

    A votre sante!

  8. Makes sense. I'm gonna give it my best shot. Thanks for your reply!

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