High dose of levothyroxine?


Update, went to Endo, said I basically have no thyroid left and up meds to 350 a day!

Just curious, is anyone on a crazy high dose of levotryoine? I am on 300 mcg per day.

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  1. Do you still have a thyroid?

  2. Hi..I am on the same, I don't like being on this high amount, I've recently had a hysterestomy and my ovaries removed and my hormones are all over the place….I feel I should see an endocrinologist as I don't think my body is converting my thyroxine but my doctor won't refer me I got diagnosed 17 years ago and the last time I saw an endocrinologist was 12 years ago.

  3. I'm on 425

  4. Mcg, micrograms, not mg milligrams. And that's a high dose! Mine is 125 mcg 6 days a week.

  5. I'm on 280 with a thyroid

  6. 450 Tirosent

  7. I'm on 300mg of levothyroxine

  8. I'm on 300 mcg of levothyroxine

  9. 300 mcg tirinosent

  10. I used to be! Now I'm actually in the lowest, 25mcg.

  11. I was on 728 mcg of Tirosint down to 200mcg, I bounce between 200 and 350mcg…

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