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Has anyone determined approximately how many turns of the Himalayan salt grinder produces 1/4 tsp for the AC? It’s a little impossible to get the salt into a measuring spoon without making a mess.

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  1. Yesterday I just eyeballed and mixed with water and lemon for a headache – worked.

  2. 8 turns is what I measured

  3. Put some in a coffee grinder much easier.

  4. Keep the lid on when you grind then pour into whatever you need.

  5. ^^Good idea!

  6. They also sell it in a little glass jar.

  7. You can get it in bulk at sprouts already ground.

  8. Grind it onto a piece of paper, fold and let it slide into the teaspoon. I do it all the time. Not so hard.

  9. I usually do 7 or 8

  10. I usually do 7 or 8

  11. I have a pot of ready-ground that I use when I need to measure, and I have a grinder for my food.

  12. I just grind on to a paper plate about what I think is right and scoop it up

  13. I grind mine in bulk

  14. 4 turns for mine..simple I do it right in the glass

  15. Maybe try grinding over a funnel, with somebody holding it over a measuring spoon for you, to get a base estimate for your grinder? Different grinders may be bigger or smaller.

  16. I hold it over my left palm and crank it right into my hand.

  17. I just cranked it out on a plate and filled my 1/4 teas..that's how I knew 4 cranks

  18. Good question and one I wanted answering too so thanks 😀

  19. I do whatever turns my crank!

  20. Cindy, i used to wonder about this myself, and than a light beam struck; for God sake women, get a little Tupperware dish and get over yourself!
    By the way, chickenbreast with skin left on and many many cranks of Himalayan rock salt roasted till crips is to LIVE for! Must be organic happy chicken though!!

  21. Liandra! I hope you laugh along with us!

  22. Love it Win. 🙂

  23. I ground a bunch into a tiny tupperware then I just scoop it out as I need it until it runs out then I refill the tupperware.

  24. Just make sure it's a ceramic grinder so you're not neutralizing any minerals 🙂 I do about 6-7 grinds with mine

  25. Store it glass. Tupperware and other plastics are nasty.

  26. Lynn Reynolds, I just have the one from Costco.

  27. Buy both they sell it both ways !!! Win you are funny

  28. Okay, ceramic grinder, 7 or 8 grinds, I mean 6 or 7, put the lime in a coconut and drink 'm both up! Anyone remember the song ? By Snilsson?

  29. I grind it into a baggie and then measure it out.

  30. Good Lord for such a simple question this has been quite a thread.

  31. We thank you God for giving us simply questions, and innocents answers, and deliver us salt! Amen

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