Hormones are going crazy so I’m sweating horribly.


I’m so embarrassed. With having hashimotos I’m always hot. On top of that I just had a son in June. My hormones are going crazy so I’m sweating horribly. I got called into the office by my supervisor. Apparently people think I smell. I can’t do anything about sweating because of my hormones going crazy.

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  1. Can you do clinical strength deodorant?

  2. That’s what I use. I even apply it multiple times a day. My\nHormones are just so crazy because of hashi and having a baby.

  3. How often do you bath?

  4. Hagee you tried Mitchum? It’s amazing

  5. When I went through that I HAD to shower EVERY DAY and it got to the point where I had to in the morning and at night. You have to get all that sweat off of you.

  6. I use liquid rock deodorant. It’s a roll on. I can send pic if you want. I sometimes use it along with spray deodorant.

  7. Shower daily & I use fresh lemon wedge on my armpits… just rub and let dry, then apply Mitchum deodorant. I know it might sound crazy but It really works!

  8. I’m sorry sweetie. Talk to your doctor, i know they have it because I just was there for my daughter who has a sweating issue and she puts off a strong odor…ask for a medication for severe perspiration and a medicated deodorant. I swear alot too from hot flashes..this damn hashi is to blame.

  9. Do you have a freezer at work? Ice packs applied on back at kidney level will go a long way to help stabilize body heat. There are some good instant ice packs on market but they don’t stay truly cold for long. I always keep them in my car and or purse as I calm pain levels with them.

  10. Are you in a hyper swing right now?

  11. Do you drink coffee? If you do stop and see what happens. I get super bad BO only if I drink coffee. Anything else like tea I’m fine. I have a friend that’s the same way.

  12. I would look to your diet as well. Some foods make me stink lol. I’d suggest taking a good probiotic too. No one realizes just how much our gut effects our body. And like Rosemary said, ice packs or cool neck ties will help. I’m very hot natured and I use those neck ties that you put in water. It really helps to lower my core temperature.

  13. First of all, Im so sorry you are dealing with this and cant imagine how it had made you feel. But, this is not your fault. Its the fault of a disease that is next to impossible to control. Try not to let it embarrass you.

  14. No advice just a big ole hug 🤗

  15. Take a tsp of bentonite clay in a glass of water every day. It really cuts down on the odor. And, if you don’t mind me saying….I had \

  16. I feel the same way 🙃

  17. I didn’t read all of the comments, but you can get those pH balance refreshing wipes that they sell in the feminine aisle and use those every time you go to the bathroom. Not just on your lady bits, but on your underarms, under boobs and everywhere else as well. Use those and then reapply deodorant as needed.

  18. You may want to talk to you OB or see a dermatologist.

  19. I’m so sorry! And congratulations on your new baby! Its tough. I use secret clear gel deodorant. It’s the only one I’ve found to work for my, they have several different scents. The pain about it is it goes on wet and you have to let it dry before you get dresses. I wait about 5 minutes, otherwise I’ve found it rubs off on my clothes.

  20. Hi..I have hyperhidrosis. I’ve been in your shoes. I sweat constantly. It started in middle school. Within minutes of putting on a shirt I soak right through it. In summer I’d live in tank tops, or I’d have to change my shirts several times per day. It was always such an embarrassing topic but I finally spoke up to my doctor, and he prescribed Oxybutynin. For the first time in 20+ years I’m not sweating anymore. I’m so happy I could cry! Feel free to pm me if you have any questions. You are not alone! Hope that helps! Xo

  21. Try Schmidt’s deodorant.

  22. I use mens roll-on unscented mitchum it really works.

  23. I put topical antibiotic under my arms once a week. Vinegar would probably work as well.

  24. I would go to a primary care physician asap for help. If they can’t, they’ll refer you to an Endo or Dermatologist and you’ll be able to get in a lot faster than on your own. Usually it’s an average of 3-6 month wait for those specialists. I got an appointment in a week with a referral.

  25. Drinking more water helped me at least the sweat wasn’t as concentrated with bodily odors when I drink at least 100 oz water per day

  26. Hibaclense would be great for you with a new type of clinical strength deodorant. There is also armpit protectors you can wear with baking soda or charcoal to absorb. Only Cotton underwear. Sleep naked to let everything air out. Hibaclense is used in hospitals it’s a miracle for smells.

  27. I use Certain Dri. Under my arms, under my boobs, under my hysterectomy scar and where my thighs rub together. I shower with Cetaphil.

  28. Never realized that might be what causes it. I sweat buckets when I do the littlest thing.

  29. So sorry. I know the feeling. I have tried everything. Try bathing in a cup of ACVinegar and some baking soda. It is suppose to help balance PH. I also drink kefir probiotics. And try drinking ACV in water????

  30. Try either baby powder or shower to shower powder.

  31. You may find it helpful to wear a man’s style v neck tee shirt underneath to soak up some of the moisture. One of my sons tells me his feet roast all the time so I told him to take pentothanic acid ( can’t spell I correct but it is one of the B vit) as a timed release vitamin. It helps him so you might try it. He had to keep upping the dosage until he go enough so you may have to as well

  32. It’s an actual medical diagnosis called hyperhydrosis ; see a dermatologist. There is prescription deodorant you can use for this abnormal excessive sweating. I dealt with it for years and tried every possible deodorant out there. Profuse sweating is an actual medical condition ; hyperhydrosis. It’s manageable. Get the deodorant from the doctor. Certain dri OTC works pretty good too.

  33. Oh goodness.

  34. I was always cold.

  35. I tried the Schmidt’s deodorant. Didn’t really keep me dry. Try Native brand. It helps with swear as well as odor. I can empathize. I start to sweat after showering while drying my hair

  36. Botox shots

  37. I drink probiotics every day. It works!

  38. I know someone who has hyperhydrosis who is an NFL cheerleader and she gets Botox shots in her armpits to block the sweat glands

  39. If you can’t eat anything but real food (vegetables, meat, fruit, olive oil, no junky additives) you’ll smell more like chicken soup than most peoples’ body odor. All the chemical garbage we use or are exposed to in our environments (cigarettes, fragrances, etc.) is part of what makes body odor smell worse than it needs to.

  40. I’m ALWAYS hot too! I wear a black tank top as an undershirt and always wear a sleeveless shirt no matter what time of the year it is. If it’s winter I just add a cardigan that way I can remove it to cool down. Drink plenty of ice water too. You might want to look into getting Botox in your sweat glands of your armpits every six months to help with the sweat issue.

  41. I know I had a little of that issue, lots of water no sugar and no gluten and carbs

  42. Helps change in your diet, this is going to be s struggle I have been going this almost 30yrs diet and what we put in our bodies affects everything

  43. When I was working, I would shower right before work and put on tons of men’s deoderant, and I go into he bathroom and pat dry with paper towels a few times per day. I also kept the deodorant in my purse and reapplied a couple times per day. Is the smell a sweat smell or something else? I would definitely go to your endocrinologist too because after I had my son, my thyroid was so out of whack and I had to have my Synthroid increased significantly. Are there certain areas that sweat worse? When pregnant in Florida summer, I was tucking paper towels and cloths into my bra and sometimes you have to change certain clothing items more than once per day. If the smell is something else, perhaps you have candida or a bacterial infection of some sort?

  44. Get off sugar and balance your hormones via foods. Google it great info out there….

  45. You may have adrenal fatigue too. Google that.

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