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Hi everyone, I just had a hot bath with magnesium salts & bicarbonate of soda in. After about 20 min s I went funny and had to get out. Lost all control of my body, collapsed & almost blacked out. Thankfully my husband was with me. Ears went fuzzy & hands tingly. I’m absolutely fine now as if it never happened. Can anyone explain why this may have happened to me.

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  1. Wow katie, i dont know..sorry that happened to you…i will be looking to see what others say about what may have happened…i am new at this myself…glad your husband was there..

  2. How hot was the water? How well hydrated were you?

  3. I am using mag oil spray right now..and no reactions to that. Its christmas eve may take a while to get the info you need.

  4. we have had this report before, so no panic….. MJ has the good questions. I was going to say, slower, less epsom or foot soaks for a while and gradually increase.

  5. I use magnesium oil twice daily I'm great with that. In fact put some more on now. May be I wasn't hydrated enough…did drink fair amount of water tho before I got in the bath.

  6. PS I've had Epsom salt baths since childhood, with benefit.

  7. Are you used to taking hot baths?

  8. I think it has something to do with the baking soda as I get really weak when I mix the two. Epsom salt by itself never bothers me.

  9. A serious detox?

  10. Blood pooled in ur legs

  11. What Simon said.

  12. I can't take hot baths because this same thing happens to me. Thanks Simon, I finally know why.

  13. what does your bp run usually? it may have lowered it too much

  14. Same happened to me in taupo, nz, in the natural hot springs

  15. One day almost fainted. It
    was scary

  16. Wow becarfull and a blessed Christmas!

  17. I do this and I have Fibro/CFS. Just is what it is.

  18. Sounds like a detox reaction. Next time reduce the amount of Epsom salts and baking soda.

  19. Sky rocket? I think it lowers the bp, not raises

  20. Hot water is a Vasodilator, so if your tank is low from dehydration and you add hot water the BP coupled with adrenal insufficiency and the quick detox and mag getting into your system quick with the cofactors, drops BP even further.

  21. magnesium combined with the hot water can LOWER your blood pressure as your blood vessels dilate; that's why you passed out. It's best you keep the temp lower, and hydrate before, during and after soaking. Himalayan sole should help regulate your blood pressure…. this is not a detox reaction (imo people use the "detox reaction" terminology too loosely)

  22. Tank? Heehe i ve never heard that slang!

  23. Hot water causes blood vessels to dilate and your blood pressure drops, causing you to faint or nearly faint.

  24. I would just stick to the regular bath salts. You know it's good to give advice but I think we should all think twice before we give advice, go slower.

  25. I get sick when I'm in hot water to long the same way.

  26. I have hot baths all the time and I'm fine with them but when I added Epson salts I also got really dizzy. I started slow but when I got up to 2 cups that's when the dizziness started.

  27. Hot water will drop your blood pressure

  28. Blood pressure? Or blood sugar? Both have been said, and are very different things. :/

  29. Magnesium overdose is by itself a cause for severely low blood pressure, convulsions, tachycardia and worse. Baking soda overdose can do the same. As the old adage goes even a good thing in excess can be dangerous. So use these things in moderation.

  30. I just had that and more,I called EMS.Fire dept came first.Massive migraine and left side blurred vision.Plus I could not read or write.I was confused and b.p. 230/110 .Sulfur issue?Hot water etc. They they thought I was stroking out.

  31. PLEASE READ!!!
    Magnesium is a smooth muscle relaxer (it is used in L&D's around the world because of this property). Your blood vessels are made from smooth muscle. As you soaked in the hot water (which also causes the vessels to naturally dilate), your body absorbed the mag and cause your blood vessels to dilate which in turned lowered your blood pressure. Basically, you bottomed out your BP.

    Next time, don't soak so long, and then work on building up tolerance. If you start feeling that way again, run cool water over your extremities before trying to stand, and then stand up ever so slowly keeping your head lower than your heart (stay bent over). Over time, you should build up a more of a tolerance to it.

    Your intestines are also made from smooth muscle, hence the reason why mag can cause diarrhea. And do not be fooled when people tell you you cannot absorb enough in a bath to cause diarrhea. You CAN.

    Your lungs are also smooth muscle. Just FYI.

    Pay attention to what your body is telling you. Take it slow. Magnesium can actually be a very powerful thing. USE IT SAFELY, slowly, and wisely.

  32. started happening to me earlier this yr. and lasts a couple days if i do an ES bath. foot soak and i feel that way for about 24 hrs. i think for me its the sulfur. good luck!

  33. MTHFR all the way…going to tested Jan 05 plus I was itchy ,hives later ughhh and I so enjoyed my baths

  34. i got most of those symptoms too greg! but i used to take ES baths daily! then stopped for like 6 months, tried again, and cannot tolerate anymore 🙁 even a tiny amount. grrrr

  35. I prefer to plug the bathtub, pour Epsom and baking soda where I stand, and take a shower. Just my feet are in the water. No dizziness or feeling weird that way. I don't like how I feel after a hot bath, with or without Epsom.

  36. To hot. In Rotorua they recommend 15 mins max at 42 degrees. People faint in the showers afterwards.

  37. I always take ice water with me when I take my Epsom salt baths. Think I felt like that for my first hot Epsom bath but not anymore because I now have ice water with my baths.

  38. Ok. Thank you all so much for getting back to me especially as it's Christmas, appreciate you all giving me your explanations and advice. Thank you. Will definitely go slower & well my husband will never again let me get in a hot bath lol. Have a Merry Christmas everyone 🙂

  39. I anticipated such a reaction before my first ever epsom salt / baking soda / lavender oil bath, and placed next to the tub a bottle of water, a small carton of coconut water, and an adrenal cocktail, the last of which I sip on all day. I finished the other two drinks in their entirety before my bath was finished. I also made sure the water wasn't terribly hot. No problems whatsoever.

  40. Ger Ison, lol. We used the tank analogy in nursing school to make it easier to understand when teaching.

  41. I've felt sick and faint after a bath or shower. Feels terrible.

  42. What things are detoxed from our body in this type of bath?

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