How are you getting this into your diet?


Let’s talk taurine, shall we? How are you getting this into your diet? Dosing? How does it affect you?
I’m one of the first people to say ‘search the files! Search the group!’ However, let’s start fresh; I haven’t seen a recent post about this & I’m here quite frequently!
Plus, this is now ‘searchable’ via the hashtag (later, when you’re thinking ‘where is that Taurine post? You can simply search the group using #taurine )

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  1. Beverly Wood (can't tag her? She's gone? )

  2. There was a recent post! I gladly added taurine as a supplement as in my aminoacids labs that came as below range. Plus taurine participate in bile formation and my GB is quite sluggish. So, for me yes!

  3. I take a supplement. First thing in the morning away from food.

  4. If on thyroid meds (no lecture, not looking for advice about that) any need to space from Taurine? I need to space my mag 4 hrs from those meds.

  5. I take Now Taurine 1 g daily

  6. I primarily use MSM, as a supplemental source of sulfur. On occasion I use 1g Taurine from Jarrow. I try to incorporate Taurine and sulfur from foods as possible as well.

  7. What do you think about this brand if anyone has used already Vitacost Taurine

  8. I got my taurine levels tested and they were high, I recommend you test first.

  9. Should you take it at night?

  10. I always start with good companies and then sort through added "other" ingredients and then pick the one with the least excipients. Currently using Pure Encapsulations Taurine Powder. It's taurine and nothing else. I use 750 mg in the morning. Was considering a second dose at dinner.

  11. Gosh something else totally new to me. Only time I have ever heard of taurine is that it's in energy drinks and is really bad for you!! What is it and what do we need it for?


    Helps with my anxiety and depression. Helps to replace GABA in the brain.

  12. 4 a day keeps the Drs away ️

  13. What is MSM please? All I keep thinking is Main Stream Media,lol

  14. I take Taurine supplement tablets daily!! Recommended after I had my 5th severe heart stroke (countless minor ones), for my diabetes (Insulin dependent) and then near kidney failure

  15. Taurine is not consumed in any significant quantity by vegans – who are vegetarians without dairy products or eggs in the diet. However, even vegans synthesize enough taurine in the body to avoid a deficiency of the compound in the body. Taurine is also not synthesized in sufficient levels by infants; this lack of synthesis is usually made up for by the abundant taurine present in human milk and taurine contained in most infant formulas. Taurine levels are also generally found at a lower level in the blood of diabetics.//

    A chat with my cousin (Gynecologist and Endocrinologist) tells me that nature has a way to protect the baby. So, mother's breast milk produces abundant amount of Taurine which in a way builds up astronomical amount of immunity and well being in a child.

  16. I take it and have no idea if it does anything worthwhile. I read about it at some point and bought it so it must have made sense at the time. I take 500mg first thing in morning

  17. I got Bulk Supplements pure powder. Take it in water. I have not noticed a difference, but the mag protocol says it helps keep mag in the cells, so I am not sure we would notice something specific.

  18. I haven't noticed any difference

  19. Yes, I'd like to know if taking mag taurate counts as the taurine component to the protocol!

  20. I keep forgetting to take the taurine supplement!

    I do have three eggs per day…. I better see if eggs are a taurine source….

  21. I take it every day.

  22. I don't like Taurine so I've started Organic MSM as I've read some really good things about it. It's got a half life of 12hrs so I'm doing am/pm routine:

  23. I've been taking it before bed for the last few weeks and I'm sure I can feel the benefits. I know that you're not supposed to take single amino acids long term as they can unbalance systems…so I was going to stop after 4 weeks- anyone else..? Or is taurine ok to take for longer?

  24. I'm not a fan of isolated amino acids except as treatment for specific medical needs. If you get enough protein from whole foods, you get enough of all the amino acids.

  25. Two questions: should one avoid mixing taurine and caffeine to the point of never drinking coffee and taking my supplements together? Straight up COFFEE is kinda rare for me, so what about decaf? And green or oolong tea?

    Other question! Do you think it's overkill to take Taurine AND MSM?

  26. I don't know how to get all the nutrients I need…I can barely eat a darn thing. Food has become repulsive to me for some reason. I force down a protein mix with water in the afternoon and try to eat something healthy in the eve, but after 3 bites I'm full. I don't understand this….

  27. hmmmmmmm wait, let me add one of my friends, she has tons of knowledge on Taurine

  28. Judith Smit Nina Willothewisp am tagging you on this thread. Need you to share info on Taurine supplements 🙂

  29. like viagra cudnt blive it x

  30. Oh timely, I'm just about to add taurine! Can't work out the best time of day though – was thinking at night with mag glycinate? Or is it just trial and error as to what works best?

  31. My Life Extension Taurine, says to take on empty stomach, I take in early morning, then breakfast a couple hours later.

  32. MJ Hampstead, how much time do we need to wait after taking taurine on an empty stomach? TIA

  33. I find it makes me sleepy?

  34. I keep it on the bathroom counter so remember to take two 500mg taurine tablets before bedtime.
    Finally have a system so I don't forget.

  35. I take 3 x ¼ teaspoon taurine powder ( NOW brand ) sublingually for my A Fib.

  36. Ive never taken taurine as a supplement.

    When we boost minerals and good quality protein foods the body naturally produces taurine ( a naturally occurring amino acid)

    I understand some people need a help up with another supplement but personally my gut was starting to feel irritated by too many supplements each day.

    Minerals and fantastic diet have helped me to need less supplements eventually.

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