How bad is this going to hurt?


Definitely want an IUD, I have my consultation on the 3rd. My question is, how bad is this going to hurt?
I’m no wimp, I just want to know how much time I should take off of work. Will I be able to go in the next day?
Also, since we’re here, which kind should I get. I’m 32, no kids, so I was thinking skyla. Any opinions welcomed!

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  1. My insertion was very painful during parts. Afterwards, I took it easy. The next day just felt like I was on my period.

  2. I would definitely recommend a Dr that has been Doing them for a long time not just a couple of years I would go for someone who has had years of experience this will help to if you trust them then all the better

  3. Quick and just a pinch. No biggie. I took Advil before my appointment per my doctor.

  4. I had a pinch but no pain a little cramping afterwards but it was over within 6 mins for me

  5. I had it done in a late afternoon appointment and was fine to go to work the next day. Get it inserted while you are having your period if possible.

  6. I didn't have much pain just a small pinch during insertion and then manageable cramping set in my uterus. The cramps reminded me of period cramps but nothing major. When I got home I took two Advils and the next day was great like nothing.

  7. I saw stars when they put it in It hurt so bad, I could barely walk. I threw up the whole day and rest of the night from the pain. Definitely take the day off that you get it out in. I was fine the next day.

  8. I had pain whilst inserting it, and a few odd cramps here and there but I'm ok. Have had a few days of cramping but everyone is different

  9. I had a bit of pain while it was put in but as soon as they were done I didn't have anything more than some cramping and was at a theme park running around 2 days later lol

  10. I was fine right after. It was only painful while they were placing it. Mostly the sounding part.

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