How can I bring my inflammation down?


Hello everyone…..Nice to be here. I have Hashimoto and have a question … How can I bring my inflammation down? These are December’s test results: TSH- 9.23 (which is better then 34.50 and what I had before), FreeT3- 3.3, FreeT4-0.9…(Both T3 and T4 seem to be in range) Now, my TPO is 1,000 and my Tg is 3,000…..Can anyone suggest anything to fix this? Not sure why my TPO and Tg are so high…….Thank you so much. Any input will be greatly appreciated <3

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  1. Dear Mari, what worked for me was going 100% gluten and lactose free! I brought my TPO down from 970 to 290 and Tg similarly from 700 to 200. It worked for me and not as difficult as AIP or paleo diet. 🙂

  2. My same story… the holistic doc has me on organic chicken/bison/ turkey/wild caught fish/ sweet potatoes (only starch)fruits and veggies. Inflammation down 80% which lead to many aches and pains

  3. You may want to also look into low dose naltrexone & selenium. Both can bring antibodies down. Turmeric helps with inflammation in general.

  4. Nix the gluten, sugar and dairy. Does wonders!!

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