How can I cure my stupid anxiety I’m so tired?


How can I cure my stupid anxiety I’m so tired f fighting it everyday

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  1. I did my Htma and I was deficient in lithium

  2. Have you tried L – theanine? It really helps

  3. No Vanessa I'm in anti depressant I'm scared to mix

  4. Simple, magnesium oil, omega 3 DHA AND epa from salmon 4x weekly, daily walking, amino acid tryptophan and arginine and lysine (just take protein powder once a day), and a multivitamin daily. Did this every day, a month later it was half gone, now 2 months in its fully gone. Ur brain is deficient in all those for the most part

  5. And of course, welcoming and Inviting it like I saw someone say and not to fight and fear

  6. Rita Osta Aoun i'm EFT certified and I can't stand anyone thumping my face. As for CBT, talk and talk and talk and it's the body that has the truth—been there and done that—-but everyone is different and what works incredibly well for one person may not work for another at all. If you want energy work—I have studied since 1989–and i can teach you some techniques you can do on yourself. Just let me know via PM if you want to try a few—-no fees. :-0

  7. To clarify—energy follows thoughts and feelings follow thoughts, conscious or unconscious–that's why the journaling with the nondominant hand is so helpful–bypasses the conscious thinking more often and gets to the unconscious.

  8. April Westberry

  9. Whole30 is the only thing besides meds that has helped my anxiety

  10. have you check your thyroid situation

  11. Try CranioSacral Therapy it's fab

  12. I started taking diatomaceous earth and it has helped mine tremendously. I'm off all meds.

  13. Craniosacral is amazing—did a lot of it when I was a PT—it is helpful while you're receiving it, slowing down the CSF pulse, but will not work on the neuro loop in the brain in the long term.

  14. Tammy what is diatomaceous

  15. Regina what is craniosacral therapy

  16. Cut stuff / diet triggers mine. Probiotics/ gut healing shld help plus v clean diet. Have you done 23 and me? I'm hoping that will shed more light for me.

  17. No Claire I'm going to try 23 and me

  18. I'm glad you are going to do 23 and me… My husband us being treated for severe depression and anxiety… I have long suspected MTHFR.. his new Dr. is now also suspecting it. Before you commented about 23 and me I wanted to caution you about taking many of the supplements mentioned here. If you have methylation difficulties, taking them will not make you feel any better than you are already feeling… if you do not have a Dr. that you can work with, I strongly urge you to find one. I have been looking for health care providers for my husband now for several years. We have finally found a counselor (CBT) who is well versed in the types of dietary changes many have already mentioned here. And, his new Primary is also a Psychiatrist – he is also well versed in the kinds of things advocated on this site. The Dr. just mentioned that husband should try the methyl folate – ONLY 1 gram – he is to go low and slow. He is also to add B12. I didn't understand why this is so… and couldn't explain it here – but, I have researched it, and I now understand the importance of combining the two. Some other things that have helped my husband has been learning to BREATH – (those who are anxious tend to breath very shallowly – we need oxygen to think clearly) exercise, Meditative Coloring (Mandalas have a long world history – and this is becoming mainstream therapy with Cancer Patients, etc) I strongly reccomend the body work (Cranial Sacral, Thai Yoga, massage, Earthing Meditation etc.) Most importantly, you need an advocate to help you… Those with depression and anxiety have barriers to healing that others do not because their thinking patterns are affected. A HTMA would be wonderful, as well. Magnesium, Magnesium, Magnesium, saunas, and detox baths. I'm sure I'm missing something… just go low and slow with whatever you do with regard to putting anything in your body. With regard to the Meditative Coloring… research shows that the more complex Mandalas are more beneficial than typical coloring because they are complex enough to require the brain to pay attention to the present and yet not so complex that the brain has to work so hard.. which allows one to go into a kind of meditative state.

  19. Gut stuff! Was what I meant to say

  20. Try allergy research zen

  21. I feel my anxiety is linked to my autoimmunity- ulcerative colitis. Besides cleaning up
    and sticking to an anti-inflammatory healing diet (AIP), practicing yoga and dance, homeopathy really helped unlock the emotional aspects of my condition. Finding a good homeopath is very important. Good luck!

  22. Yes, it's all connected. Since cleaning up my diet and healing my gut, I have less & less anxiety.

  23. Regina Roche A neurological loop in the brain is simply repeated neurons firing in a certain pattern that has developed. Oftentimes, especially after trauma, including traumatic brain injuries, "abnormal loops" of neurons firing out of sync, or new pathways develop, as in psychosis, that are not helpful to ones' spirit/soul. In advanced brain assessment, you can see areas of the brain that light up that shouldn't be so profound and other areas that may not light up, leaving the brain unable to "function normally" with neurons firing and "talking to each other" chemically and electrically to provide the higher executive part of the brain. It's complicated, especially in the patients I treated for all those years with traumatic brain injuries. The changes in neuronal pathways can be helped, without medications, with specific treatment and techniques—I used craniosacral on so many various patients with varied clinical signs and symptoms, i.e. "dis-ease"—especially chronic pain, CST was helpful—many would fall asleep during treatment. After all these years, I did not see, nor did many of my colleagues skilled in CST find permanent change in a neurological pattern in the brain without the patients involvement with absolutely , consciously changing their thought patterns. The premier place for anything "brain" related is the Lawless Psychoneuological and Psychoplasticity center in Dallas Texas, and the Amen Clinics where they truly look at how the brain is functioning with fMRI and Brain Spectrums. In CST, they didn't talk about neuro loops when I took it, that's a proven problem during extensive brain studies. CST is valuable and can help so many people if they are open to it. Hope that explains it a bit more. 🙂

  24. Heal the gut

  25. Almost everything that causes dis-ease, discomfort, needs a holistic approach. We are energetic beings 1st, but the nutrition and biochemistry needs to be in tandem to enhance the entire body's well-beings and support the self-healing body.

  26. functional medicine or anti aging physicians are able to help.

  27. Niacin with flush? Magnesium citrate. ? Those work with me

  28. Try Mag L Threonate, works faster for anxiety, nerves. twice a day. plus in combo with other forms of Mg to reach goal 5x mg body weight in lbs. MgLT has 48 mg per caps.

  29. All the supplements you pure into your stomach will do no good until you cure the problem.

  30. Wow too much to learn idk were to start .

  31. In my Htma I was veryyy low in lithium I wonder if it is a big reason

  32. Have you had your thyroid levels checked? That may be the cause, one magnesium won't solve if the thyroid hormones are out of whack. Plus lots of other things will come along with it like Vit D deficiency, leaky gut, candida, weight problems wondering why it's changed when you haven't changed anything etc, and lots lots more you may not think relevant…

  33. Greg my rt3 slightly high yes I'm defecient in iron , vit d magnesium , lithium and I have hpylori

  34. I've seen they have herbal "antibiotics" for SIBO and other gut infections. And I saw one comment on a SIBO blog about oregano oil (capsules or liquid) can kill bacteria/fungal in stomach.

  35. taking supplements has caused my anxiety to rev up….i cant take to many supplements because of that…I think everyone i talk to is low on vitamin d..just be careful with taking too many when you suffer from anxiety

  36. Low vitamin d is very common with thyroid and candida issues, as they usually come hand in hand, not always et very common.

  37. Greg Lumsden – Low "D" is really low Magnesium! Get the four recommended "D" blood tests so that you know the in-depth story of "D" in your body.

  38. MJ Hampstead, How can you tell that, apparently there's not a true test for magnesium that truly measures what you have it only measures 1% in your blood, so you have to break that down? I agree that there's more magnesium deficiency than people realise.

  39. Greg Lumsden – in the Magnesium Beginners Guide at the top of this page, Morley uses the Magnesium RBC blood test as his measure and encourages us to do so. You are thinking of the serum Magnesium test which does not report the amount in the cells where Mg does its work.

  40. If you don't know your trigger you can still teach yourself to self sooth. So every day teach yourself breathing techniques to allow calmness so when you in an anxious state you can start breathing to allow your brain time to calm down and not get caught up in the anxiety negative thinking that takes over and leads to a panic attack. Also when your anxious try to identify why. Listen to the words and thoughts coming up in your mind. Write them down to see if there is a pattern. I have complex PTSD and after 7 yrs I finally have a good therapist to get me through it.

  41. My anxiety was caused by mercury fillings. I removed them and it has mostly resolved except when I'm chelating.

  42. Other things can cause anxiety too. Any kind of infection, parasites, Lyme, anything to do with the gut. Anxiety is awful. Mine was so bad it would take me hours to work up enough courage to leave the house to get groceries. I hope you find relief, but more importantly, the cause.

  43. Ty Eva I have h pylori I wonder if it is a big reason

  44. Could be. It will also mess with all your minerals. Parasites etc suck up all the things you need for your own body and put everything out of whack. This can also mess with your moods, energy, enzyme production… And if you are taking antibiotics, those can put things out of whack as well. Even some natural treatments can do that. I hope you are on an effective treatment to kill the buggers. Make sure you are taking a quality pro-biotic as well. Then manage your minerals as others are suggesting. Hopefully everything will start balancing out more when the infection is gone. If they don't, then you have another hidden issue. After killing off intestinal parasites, my chronically low iron magically jumped to the normal range. My doctor was shocked. I am also dealing with Lyme, but I have made a TON of progress after finally figuring out what my issues were.

  45. Eva I refuse to take antibiotics so I'm looking for herbs to kill it

  46. I'm not familiar with the natural treatments for h pylori, but there are groups on Facebook just for that. Good luck to you.

  47. Hiya if you read the following page, then there are natural remedies with mixed results, take a look… I'm not a fan of antibiotics myself but it may be a wise option, then rebuild the probiotics, n gut ok just a thought…

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