How can I naturally lower it?


What exactly does increasing magnesium with jigsaw supplement do to my potassium levels,,,My Dr just called and said my potassium level is very high,for some reason,,Anyone have any ideas,,,and how can I naturally lower it??

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  1. Am I wrong but I thought mag supplementation depleted potassium??

  2. IDK,,,it could be other factors exacerbating the situation!! I take 3-4 jigsaws per day!! I just had a part of one kidney removed in June!! I don't over eat particular day potassium high foods.

  3. What did the doc recommend? Was an inaccurate test considered?

  4. He recommended not eating potassium rich foods,,,and I already hasn't been!! It was my rheumatologist,,,I have RA, it was a routine blood check to monitor my RA meds!!

  5. Verna Castle Romans, I agree with what MJ asked. Likely, what from I understand, your Dr.s ordered serum, and if potassium shows up high on serum, then it most likely means that potassium is leaving the cell, along with magnesium and other minerals. Potassium RBC and HTMA through the qualified practitioner would give you a better idea of what is going on.

  6. Verna Castle Romans, I just found this that I saved Remove
    Robert Thompson Low intracellular potassium is THE cause of Atrial Fibrilation. (Chapter 2 of the Calcium Lie 2, and yes I am the first to make this association. It is not published anywhere else. It is because of the cellular electrical membrane potential which over time affects the SA cardiac nodes leading to dysfunction and instability across the cellular membranes). In those over 50 it is imperative that we correct the intracellular potassium ASAP and it is hard. In my very opinion, all atrial fibrilation is preventable, some cases are reversible, especially with early treatment and correction of the intracellular potassium. The body is very resistant to allowing the potassium into the cells in the presence of Calcium excess or relative excess. In many cases, I use the diuretic Spironolactone 50 to 200 mg per day (prescription) which reduces the potassium excretion, always diet changes and potassium supplements, and often in 1 year the potassium is still unchanged. I then add prescription potassium two times per day or more, plus all the others above, and one may begin to see improvements in 1 year. It is completely impossible to get too much potassium in the body as long as the intracellular potassium is low and known. Blood testing is not reliable as 94% of the potassium in the body is intracellular.

  7. I remember Morley posted about someone who got recommendations like yours awhile back, I have it saved, if you want, send me a PM and I can e-mail you what I have and you can look through my notes.

  8. For whatever reason my HTMA tests showed I was toxic with both sodium and potassium for years, after starting the Maggie protocol I started dumping both so my serum levels went up but my cellular levels went into a more normal level.

  9. Was it a potassium RBC test? A regular serum test isn't going to be accurate. High serum levels may mean low cellular levels. Restoring Mg helps keep potassium in cells.

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