How common is allergy to magnesium?


How common is allergy to magnesium? Would that be an allergy to the mineral itself or to a particular compound? And what would be the purpose of prescribing it together with Diphenhydramine (Benedryl) if there is an allergy?

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  1. Can you be allergic to a mineral that your body needs?

    Could be allergic to binders fillers etc. or maybe intolerant to something like glycine taurine etc

    True allergy? I dont know

    What is the story behind this question? Very curious

  2. Never heard of an allergy to magnesium…

  3. I believe you can be allergic to anything including magnesium. Formulations, genetics, medical history, drug interactions all leave room for allergies EVEN if it's something that you need and/or is good for you.

  4. The story behind: a friend posted a short video about anxiety and how it affects people. No solution was offered, so I suggested magnesium. Someone then asked, what to do if allergic? I replied something similar to Nicole, and that possibly it was the compound. Presumable a doctor then responded that she has had patients with allergies and she then prescribes it with the anti-histamine. That's when I thought, reaaaally? and came here.

  5. I found this myself and thought it was sensitively written, but it's from a mag vendor site (happens to be one I use), so here I am:

  6. I think that the most simple forms of Magnesium are likely to cause the fewest issues.
    Mg sulfate (providing there is no sulfate sensitivity)
    Mg chloride
    Mg oxide
    Mg hydroxide

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