How damaged was your small intestine?


I’m afraid to ask this question, but for those who are silent celiac and have done the byopsy test, may I ask how damaged was your small intestine?

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  1. I was gluten free for a year before going in for my biopsy. My doctor told me it would come out negative but he would do it anyway because I practically had a nervous breakdown when he told me I should eat gluten and come back in a month. I pretty much knew I had celiacs though because I was diagnosed with DH over a decade before, but no one knew then (or never told me) that if I had DH, I automatically had CD. The first thing I remember him saying when I came out of the anesthesia was, “I’m not sure how you are still alive”. He could see the healing that was happening, but there was still enough damage that he didn’t need to wait for the actual test results to give me the answer, and he took samples from at least three different areas of my upper intestine..

  2. My silent celiac toddler was “one degree away from complete atrophy”

  3. Mine was completely blunted…

  4. My stomache was all scalloped. Villi all gone

  5. so far that’s the only difference I have noticed until now in this short period of time.

  6. I had a slow blood leak and it was inflamed … problems now but went thru lots of Iron transfusions$$$$and the diet is helping even got my blood from a 8 to a 14 and it took them forever to find I had celiacs i ended up going to a liver specialist and he gave me blood tests and just guessed i had it and he was right lol so I had the biopsy done and that proved it…iron pills never work and just made me sick …..I started on herbal iron by mountain meadow herbs and so far its helping …tranfusions are too expensive so hoping to never need anymore. I just watch my diet and use peppermit oil on my stomach or a drop in my water or chew on peppermint leaves. If you have inflammation use tumeric in meats veggies etc….and ginger in coffees or teas

  7. How damaged was your small intestine?

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