How did you decide to go dairy?


Question how did you decide to go dairy and/or egg free too? Test? Personal choice? Would a good allergy test do any good? I am so messed up right now it seems like everything I eat makes me I’ll how do I even begin to figure this madness out?! Any tips tricks and advise welcome! I’m also pretty sure my son has issues too

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  1. I think you will learn as you start out- we just simply started with gluten; then we realized that my daughter has trouble drinking milk, eating cottage cheese …but it semi-ok with ice cream, cheese and sour cream… eggs arent an issue for her… Most celiacs have issues with dairy I believe… unfortunately there is no one fits all answer and it really will lie within trial/error for yourself 🙁

  2. I just chose to. I’m super sensitive. My body wants to react as if I’m eating whatever the animal ate. That’s including dairy and egg. I’m also corn free. I would say it’s really up to you. Sorry if that’s not helpful.

  3. Went dairy free when I developed gurgling intestines followed by diarrhea within hours of eating anything with lactose.

  4. Food diary combined with elimination diet to find your triggers. You’ll figure out pretty quickly from that whether you are reacting to dairy, soy, corn, egg, or something else.\nI’m not sure allergy testing would help you, as allergy testing involves testing for histamine. Generally digestive tract reactions are from a histamine response. You could try it, but I think you’ll get better results from the diary.

  5. “The Virgin Diet” talks about common food allergies and how to eliminate to find the bad ones. Pretty informative. Food allergy test my Dr. said were a waste of money. example, apples 300 varieties, 3 different colors, then hybrids on top of it from all around the world, how could you possible test? Our food is too complex and the tests are too simplistic to be accurate. Most insurance won’t pay for it so, no.

  6. Check out the autoimmune protocol diet. It’s an elimination diet. It helps to figure out trigger foods ( I have colitis as well so it worked great)

  7. I was in terrible shape before finding out I had Celiac. so bad, allergic or reactive to water along with everything else. What has helped most is eliminating the hidden gluten, finding, taking supplements like MTC, Glutahione, MSM, Selenium, and NAC, by NOW or by Natures Made which are both Allergen Free and GF. Adding MCT Oil, and Eating cooked mushrooms everyday. Also, my Dr. told me to check the Allergen reports on line for food and for restaurants, some have a gluten free list, but some have an Allergen List, which won’t list Gluten, it will list Wheat because that is what is considered the allergen. That list is a ‘May Contain:…..’ Best of luck and know some have been through and made it through.

  8. First, check the pinned posts of the group. Lots of really good info for you there to start with. A site called Beyond Celiac has good info and the University of Chicago’s Celiac Research site can be helpful, too. Elimination diet and keeping a food diary with reactions to any foods was really helpful in the beginning. Learn about hidden gluten and cross contamination. I found as I healed I was able to add some foods back in to my diet, but in the beginning I was very restricted. It is very individual as to what we can and can’t tolerate. Like how Connie eats mushrooms daily, I can’t eat them at all. And red meat, especially ground beef, upsets my stomach. A nutritionist who was very knowledgeable about Celiac helped me a lot.

  9. Look up the Autoimmune Protocol Diet. It lets you reintroduce foods slowly to determine which foods are best for you.

  10. I had a food intolerance test done through my Dr’s office. It showed all dairy, all types of eggs and yeast were very severe. I also had mild to mod on many other fruits, veggies and nuts. Well worth it for me. Now I just stay away from all the severe foods and occasionally, in small quantities, eat some of the mild to mod foods.

  11. Ditto the virgin diet for a few weeks, then keep a food journal and add something in each week. It may take time for your body to heal and not react quite so much. Feel better!

  12. thanks everyone!! going shopping today for healthy foods. here’s to recovering from this madness!

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