How did you get diagnosed to go gluten free?


How did u get diagnosed to go gluten free?, i have awful tummy troubles and skin problems, i have to see a gastro consultant for the first time on tues eve, im actually really nervoua as i have no idea what to expect from the app x

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  1. I got diagnosed because I was having these terrible gut issues, like IBS and they took lots of blood samples and a stool sample. The blood samples said I had SIBO but I still wasn't experiencing relief until they got my stool sample back and that's where they knew I had a gluten allergy, inflammation and ecoli. I was prescribed a natural regimen of supplements that helped me get better. Now I'm doing so much better as long as I don't eat gluten, sugar or dairy.

  2. You will do great. Just go in with an open mind and ask lots of questions. It's okay to be nervous but always a huge relief to get answers.

  3. I am gluten intolerant but do not have celiac disease. Thpugh my doctor strongly advises against eatung gluten. I stumbled upon mine after doing a cleanse.

  4. Ive been have really really bad problems with constipation for years, docs just kept telling mw to take laxatives which hurt my tummy now, i bloat and always drained, headaches etc, they have finally agreed to refer to hosp cause my dad has just been diagnosed with sever chrones and my uncle has it, hopefully i will get answers xx

  5. My daughter was having severe stomach issues. Dark circles under the eyes and chicken skin like bumps on her upper arms.

    They did a blood test and a stool sample. Was advised that celiac could be the issue but due to her tonsils being removed (they'd have to put a scope down her throat is why we could test) soon after they said this her doctor suggested I remove gluten. I did and the only thing she still has is the tiny bumps on the arms that seem to be getting better. Slowly.

  6. Wow that sounds exactly like me and my daughter, i have awful chicken skin and suffer from this all up my arms, does seem to get worse with thr more processed fooda i eat xxx

    Celiac Disease Arm

  7. I was low Vit D and my doctor did a blood test for celiac. It was positive, so then I had an endoscopy to see how much damage had been done. I have been GF for 3 years and at my last endoscopy they found now damage. I just recently went dairy free because of stomach issues. I did not know, until joining this group, that dairy, in many celiacs, can present as gluten. Thank you for all of the wonderful information.

  8. My Dr ran a blood test that showed that I'm gluten intolerant (not Celiac).

  9. After years of doctor's masking the symptoms and not finding root causes, I took matters into my own hands. I put the family on an elimination diet and figured out our triggers from there. Been eating paleo since.

  10. I had horrible joint pain. Nothing seemed to help. Dr suggested I try gf for 2 weeks. Made a huge difference… 2+ years later I have never looked back.

  11. I don't have a gluten allergy per se. I have poly cystic ovarian syndrome which causes a ton of inflammation. I don't consume gluten dairy or soy now.

  12. I've had loads of blood testa for diff things and they.always say im not celiac, i get the most horrendous back ache, my 90 year old gran can move around better than me some days, it gets so bad, i am 99% sure sorting out my diet will help me massively, i really need to do it, im not massive i weigh just under 11st but im continuosly trying to loose weight even though people tell me im.a lovely size,but my tummy is always so big i look like im 8 month pregnant all the time so i feel fat, the rest of me is ok, i just have this huge tummy i cant get rid off and im really beginning to think its more swelling that fat xx

  13. Hi I'm new to this group I've had stomach trouble for 30 odd years now started off when I was younger too I just hated the taste of molk then as the years went by I was being sick having milk in cereals tea and coffee I went to my Dr's and they done a blood test which showed milk intolerance I don't have
    Milk but I have been eating stuff with added milk like dark chocolate ect it has lead to one thing after another depression gluten now diabetes was on the borderline a few years ago thyroid trouble now have gout I was sticking to all the free stuff for awhile but was gaining more weight with all the sugar in the products which is making my condone worse with yeast infections it's a total nightmare I am going to see a dietician again soon so I hope it really helps

  14. Oh god i really hope u get it all sorted xxxxx

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