How do birth control pills affect cervical position?


How do birth control pills affect cervical position? How can you check the position of your cervix?

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  1. Plus if you had a really low cervix you would be able to feel it, even with short fingers! And then of course you'd make your menstrual cup selection based on that. My cervix is low enough that i literally get one knuckle in before I feel it. In that case I know: my cervix is low; I need a short cup.

  2. LOL, well not the worst problem to have you can buy disposable speculum on Amazon for pretty cheap and examine it visually if you can't reach it. I've done it.

  3. Awkward question, but what if your fingers are legit too short to reach your cervix? No matter which position, I have tiny fingers. Sometimes it's hard to even reach my IUD strings lol.

  4. There are a lot of great resources online regarding checking not your cervix. It's super interesting and it might help you to get a good fit with your cup

  5. The thing is, with hormonal birth control, you are on a synthetic cycle. It's hard to track and it's actually pointless, because it can have no pattern.

    Some women might be able to observe their cervical position by squaring, but again, don't be surprised if there's no pattern. Checking your cervical position is really only useful for reasons concerning fertility, and since you're on the pill, there's really no point. Of course, being comfortable with your body and checking out of curiosity is a good thing!! I'm not saying to abandon that… Just poibt if out that there's really no point in HBC.

  6. I have purchased a few different brands of menstrual cup and I really need to know where my cervix is so they will fit comfortably.

  7. Generally, birth control will cause cervix position to really have no pattern.
    I check cervix position sitting on an open toilet. Some women do it in the shower, in a squatting position, or lying on their back with feet flat.
    Why do you want to check your cervix while on BCP?

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