How do I get rid of tinnitus ringing in the ears?


How do I get rid of tinnitus ringing in the ears? Or what’s the cause please if anyone knows

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  1. I was told it's due to hypothyroidism but it could be different for everyone.

  2. following. I too, have the pulse beat in left ear.

  3. It can also be your vagus nerve, it too wreaks havoc.

  4. It can be so many reasons, from caffeine, wax or lack of fluid to autoimmune diseases, like rheumatoid arthritis and Lyme disease. I have Lyme and the tinnitus is nonstop.

  5. So many causes which are dependant on the type of tinnitus being experienced. Make sure to stay away from anything ototoxic especially prescription drugs that are ototoxic of which there are hundreds. Avoid coffee, alcohol, histamines and any other stimulants. Ginkgo supplementation and helichrysum essential oils worked for me. I also had cervical spine adjustments that helped massively and used trigger point techniques on my TMJ muscles as this often modulates the tinnitus.

  6. stress or for NDs being ex army. they gave me hearing aids! but i listen to music or meditation tapes alot

  7. I've had it for 16 years with no relief. Tried almost everything. No caffeine, good diet, magnesium and other recommended supplements. My life is 100% stress which I know doesn't help :/

  8. I gave a friend Magnesium oil, to rub on his feet to help him sleep. It just so happened it also took away his tinnitus after a few days.

  9. I think it's related to your gut bacteria/biome.

  10. Many causes. Mine is from lyme disease. It is also a common allergy reaction. You could keep a food diary to pinpoint triggers. Gluten, dairy and sugars are the more common triggers, but it could be anything really.

  11. Salicylates could be involved.

  12. Think about this analogy of how mitochondria distributes energy in tissues by visualizing how an atom distributes energy to its electron shells in chemistry. Poor mitochondria function = increased % heteroplasmy = tinnitus. An atom first fills its first shell with electron energies and then works its way outwards to its outermost electron shell. Life's systems do the same thing because it is about fractal energy design. It is most efficient to do it this way because of how an atom is quantized. In this way, the environmental energies coming into to the cell can be thought of as how the orbital valences for electrons are filled first from the ground state closest to the atomic nuclei and proceeding outward to the valence shells. In biology, the lower energy systems required for autonomic or vegetative functions get their energies loaded first, at the expense of the more energy intensive systems, like the brain. Your hearing is a sensory function of the surface neocortex. If no energy is left over after the basic systems in the brainstem are loaded with energy, the brain runs at an energy deficit, and it directly affects neocortical function. Moreover, the brain is built by evolution to steal energy naturally to preserve its own function in mammals, because it has the physiologic ability to auto-regulate its oxygen and blood flow requirements itself.

    This means that the brain will preserve its function at the expense of other systems. This helps you understand where hypertension really comes from. When you lose more energy to you environment than you retain BP has to go up to compensate. As energy is lost from our body to the environment for any reason at all, the brain increases mean arterial pressure to maintain its energy status at the expense of other systems. This is why BP rises in non-wellness states. When this happens in the brain, cognition suffers in the regions of the brain that are most energy-inefficient. The next system in line is the immune system. It was the system primates innovated before neurogenesis using the MHC1 gene for the immune system.

    This is why tinnitus is a big clue to clinicians who think like I do. Ammon's horn, part of the hippocampus where sounds sense begins, is the most energy-inefficient part of the neocortex. It is also the first one affected in Alzheimer's disease. People do not realize this. This is why, in anoxia states, where O2 levels are low and this lowers ECT speeds in mitochondria on this part of the neocortex, we see this area of the cortex die first. The areas affected first by low blood flow or energy are likely the ones that cost us the most energy. Tinnitus is related to a lack UV/IR light from the skin and RPE of the eye to fill porphyrins and hemoglobin. IT is a clinical sign of a poor lit environment.

  13. This is how hypertension, sleep apnea, migraines and tinnitus show up as symptoms of energy loss from the neocortex because we are deficient in electrons or photons. You can only assimilate light when electrons are present = photoelectric effect.

  14. Drink more water then Jack Kruse? Eat seafood? Get sleep in the dark? Get light during the day? Have chlorophyll? Get more oxygen? I haven't been keeping up in your work … wish I were brilliant.

  15. Ozone ear insufflations cured my mom's

  16. Yes, Jack Kruse- how do you treat this problem? Fascinating!

  17. Interesting post. I dont notice my tinnitus often, but it gets super loud everytime I step into a hot magnesium bath to soak. I keep wondering if it's the mag bath itself or the sudden quiet time to myself. I notice the ringing more in bed at night too, but still doesn't seem as blaring loud as the bathtime ringing. For now, I just truck on and hope mineral balancing eventually sorts it all out and makes it disappear.

  18. Tinnitus has different root causes. As for me I got rid of it by addressing pathogens

  19. I developed tinnitus about 20 years ago after a bad case of the flu where I took aspirin to lower a high fever. Pretty sure it was the aspirin that caused it although it wasn't the first time that I took it. Since then it has gotten louder and my hearing has deteriorated on account of it. Any type of pain killer seems to worsen it as does alcohol and fatigue.

  20. For me its lack of b6. I only get it one ear though lol.

  21. Hi I have read it is a magnesium issue, and I have also read that parents of children with autism are more likely to have it, kind of interesting.

  22. I have been working with Young Living Essential Oils for years… Helichrysum Essential Oil may help.

  23. Tinnitus happens when you start losing your hearing. A hearing aid specifically for Tinnitusis needed. I can't afford one so I just try to ignore it.

  24. Its not always connected with hearing loss. My hearing has been tested since I got tinnitus and is fine. I have no hearing loss at all. It seems like the cause can be very different for everyone – mine was a plane flight with a bad cold, which meant problems with the Eustachian tubes, according to the ENT specialist, and tinnitus occurred. He told me tinnitus doesn't usually affect hearing. For others, the cause is a deficiency of B vitamins or something similar, and supplementing can help. For others it was exposure to loud music. All sorts of different things. I just wish there was an easy solution for all of us.

  25. Tinnitus can be one of the many effects of under treated hypothyroidism. I'm hypothyroid and I've had tinnitus since my 20's … I'm now 60 … and hearing test results show I have no hearing loss. It's very aggravating because it is so loud I have a difficult time understanding people. Trying to follow a conversation in a restaurant? Forget about it. Can't stand to be in a room without some kind of background noise.

  26. Most Tinnitus is hypothyroidism. I consider it diagnostic like carpal tunnel. Many symptoms of hypothyroidism are related to compartmental syndromes due to myxedema. This is one of them. Please check your basal body temperatures to be sure with 95% confidence. If your wake up temperature is below 97.8 under the tongue with a reliable thermometer, first half of the menstrual cycle please, you are hypothyroid. Blood tests are only reliable about 10% of the time, i.e. TSH "normal range" does not mean you are not hypothyroid. There are six types, three require HTMA to make the diagnosis. All are associated with symptoms, signs, and lowered metabolic rate=BBT.

  27. I have had tinnitus (loud) for years and years….two weeks ago I had thyroid tests done because I am on Amiodarone and sure enough hyperthyroidism but two months ago it was perfectly normal so I still say it is the start of hearing loss.

  28. Robert Thompson, I have the calcium lie II and a relatively current HTMA from Trace elements. I will review the information in the book:)

  29. Me too and loud for last 15 years

  30. Check out the Sternocleidomastoid Muscle, my tinnitus has greatly reduced simply by doing the muscle release exercises

  31. This was taken from the group Vitamin C for Optimal Health Group: I did flush 11 days ago and have now settled on 20g, I don't want to get too excited but my tinnitus seems to have gone!..I've had it constantly for 2 years so this last few days going to sleep with no noise has been wonderful.
    The glands in my neck are swollen and sore, could it be possible that I've had some virus lurking about for years that has been 'drawn out'?
    This is a lovely group by the way! I'm scared to post in some lol

  32. Angela, Please know you did not do IV vitamin C, you did IV ascorbic acid or sodium ascorbate (drugs, not vitamin C). This will treat infections in many cases, and create oxidation results which in some cases can stimulate stem cells and have effects that can be both good and bad. Ascorbic acid which acts like an antibiotic will suppress your bacterial biome, in some cases causing increased energy temporarily, but it will severely deplete the C molecule from your body. Long term effects will be copper related and can be profound. I would encourage you to limit the duration of ascorbic acid to the shortest possible time, and take large amounts of the real C moelcule (Innate Response) for some time after essentially wiping your body clean of the C molecule and all copper utilization.

  33. I am being weaned off of Effexor and my tinnitus is much better in just 3 days!!!

  34. not sure if anyone mentioned but there is a tinnitus document in the files section (link to files is under the group banner at the top of the page)

  35. Magnesium got rid of my tinnitus. It comes back if my magnesium level is low.

  36. Donna, get Innate C and take at least 2-3 times per day for about 6 months. Our price was $10 less than Amazon, but the company made us raise the price. Ture story.

  37. Thus far, I only recommend Innate, no one else has proven theirs to be true C, with sound science. I remain open. We sell, it, as do many other carriers. That company also sells the sodium ascorbate in powder form, which seems intellectually dishonest. I remain troubled. Everyone wants to sell, no one wants responsibility for your personal health. Buyer beware.

  38. Robert does natural C have any antibiotic effect ?

  39. Could too much potassium cause shin bone pain ?

  40. Too much potassium can stop your heart function.

  41. Best to get potassium from foods.

  42. There is no evidence that the whole C molecule does not have all the same potential and antibiotic properties as the envelope piece of the molecule, called "ascorbic acid". Yes, many companies sell Innate response C, including Amazon as I noted above. As I said, our price (at aurora health and nutrition, my online company, extension of my office) was up until 3 weeks ago cheaper than Amazon, but we were required to raise the price by the Innate Company. So it is the same now.

  43. Thank you Teresa. You are correct, I am not about selling, I am about making a difference and doing the right thing for the right reasons. I am a physician, and author, not a business man. I am terrible at that business and money stuff. I work hard to protect people from being taken by sales of supplements that have no measurable benefit or even worse may be harmful.

  44. Arol. I love and appreciate Dr. Jaffe, he is truly an inspired physician and I know him personally. I use his "biomarkers" and find them helpful in improving health, especially HSCRP, Homocystiene, and HgBA1C, however he leaves out the HTMA and Basal body temperatures that I consider absolutely essential for all recommendations. I have tried to discuss this and the C issue with him personally and he remains closed to learning about the whole molecule, quite often the case with physicians. He can speak the biochemmistry of ascorbic acid and sodium ascorbate fluently, I still know it, but look it up every time. He has a PhD in Biochemistry. We all must learn from each other. Perque does not sell any intact C, not one supplement that I am aware of. I cannot recommend any of his products containing acsorbic acid or sodium ascorbate. He"believes" that is all one needs. I continue to challenge him and will as long as necessary. It is all about copper. Thank you Kim for explaining the stuff about my practice and web site. You are completely accurate. Blessings,

  45. I have suffered w/ this for 12 years now & was told in 2010 that I had permanent damage now in left ear! After having cervical fusion it almost stopped !9t as intense- recently had nerves burned in neck to release pain & ringing stopped for 3 mo, but now back again along w/24/7 pain! I did the b-12 injection along w/ niacin for 4 weeks-but was highly allergic to niacin!

  46. Paula my heart goes out to you ,I am so sorry that all those possible solutions did not help long term. My husband finds that when he relaxes and pursues his hobbies of walking,gardening,photography and family history/computer he can forget mostly about the waterfall in his ear especially with a little background music. The worst prob is misunderstandings because of his deafness but we r getting more patient with each other after some terrible rows!

  47. I don't think anyone mentioned this but exposure to toxic black mold can cause tinnitus. I was exposed for 4 yrs, so that could be my problem in addition to magnesium issue.

  48. Paula, you need to contact an ozone dr for your pain. You should be able to get complete relief of pain with ozone injections, 80% with one injection. You are most likely hypothyroid, please check your basal body temperatures sub lingual for three days, as soon as onset menses or any time if postmenopausal. Niacin is a drug, not a vitamin, never ever take the drug B vitamins, Niacin, B6 as pyridoxine, and B9 as folate or folic acid. Pleease get your MTHFR status checked. Please try to find a competent integrative physician. Your life will change for the better if you follow this advice. If you have not had an HTMA from a relible lab, please do so.

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