How do I have normal levels with no thyroid?


This might be a weird question, it confuses me so much. 7 years ago, is the only time in my life when my thyroid levels were abnormal. I was put on synthroid for a few months and then taken off of it because my levels were fine. ? I’ve known my thyroid was off for a while, but every time I got a dr to test it, they said “everything is perfectly normal. There’s nothing we can do”. I finally got a dr that tested for the antibodies (I had no clue about it to even ask, at that point) and put me on levothyroxine and cytomel.

My question is: I now have no thyroid left at all, but my levels are still perfectly normal. How do I have normal levels with no thyroid??

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  1. The medication?

  2. Now, yes. But even when I wasn’t on meds, my levels were still within the normal ranges. When I went in last August (when they actually tested for the antibodies and told me I had no thyroid left), my levels were normal but I had high antibody levels, which is the only reason I’m on meds in the first place; she wasn’t even going to prescribe anything. She said since my levels were normal, I didn’t actually *need* any type of meds.

  3. I was diagnosed with hashi’s but my thyroid remains on level and bounces back but still stays in the brackets so I’ve never been put on meds.

  4. I had papillary carcinoma for 5 yrs and ALL labs drs took were normal range. And drs want me to believe them now that everything is ok. Insanity.

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