How do I know what’s safe to buy?


I’ve got a question.. Been gluten free for one week now and mostly been buying veggies and fruit. When it comes to meat like chicken breasts or ground beef none say gluten free on package is that normal?? I’ve also been noticing not all things show gluten in ingredients but box doesn’t say gluten free. How do I know what’s safe to buy?

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  1. Chicken & meat are gluten free as long as it’s not pre-marinaded. What are you looking at specifically? Anything with wheat. You can download the Gluten scanner app I have it for iPhone.

  2. Flour/Wheat, barley, rye – read labels- they sneak it in- it may not necessarily say “gluten”

    Toothpaste, lotions , Rice Krispies etc

  3. I buy lots of things that don’t say gluten free on it ?. Not everyone does though. But I’ve been at this for about 10 years – which is way before anything had those words on it, lol. The labeling laws have changed since then.

    Anyway – having said that – there are also foods that will say “certified gf”, which means the company took the extra step of testing for gluten.

  4. Ingredients in bold are the allergens so easy to spot but might say “may also contain…” after list of ingredients

  5. The ingredient list might look safe but still have cross contamination. Factories won’t be app oved for a gluten free certification if there’s a cross contamination risk

  6. Thank you so much everyone. I was buying chicken but it said chicken broth on the package of raw chicken but didn’t say anything else and was wondering… Gosh this is hard to find anything that hasn’t got gluten.

  7. Boars Head has lunch meats that say on the package they are gluten free.. they are good and tasty.. doing gf myself and it’s an adjustment to get use to..

  8. I just started mine too, I found an app (recommend by someone on this page) it’s a gluten free scanner app.

  9. Gluten is usually in wheat, rye & oats. Steer clear of these. Gluten is a binder in the grain.

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