How do I replicate that effect with baking soda


Hi, I have been a member here for years but never started a post.

I have been intrigued by the many references to boron so started adding two tablespoons to my magnesium bath. Sometimes it makes me sleep really deeply. A couple times I tossed and turned and sweated all night (which is a babesia symptom I sometimes get, usually tied to an upcoming period but not in the cases I referred to). Always I wake relaxed and tired, in the sense of wanting to spend the day lying around. Not at all unpleasant.

Any thoughts on the sweating? I have fibroids and endometriosis and take progesterone… Also am on Nature-throid. And have chronic intestinal spasm issues.

Oh, I should add since there are so many mineral buffs on here: I crave carbonated water, especially the Apollonaris brand (high in mag) but any carbonated water will do. It can make me feel instantly better. How do I replicate that effect with baking soda? Do I need to add acid or can I just add soda to the water?

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  1. Eeks fibroids!!! I had to stop boron in my baths and eat prunes.

  2. I don't have specific answers for you, but I know in past Iron Toxicity posts and in his books, Morley referenced fibroids and endometriosis, which makes me wonder what your iron copper/ceruloplasmin status is, and what the calcium level in your tissues is.

  3. I have been looking around in the files. 🙂 and just downloaded the guide for optimizing ceruloplasmin.

  4. If I have high iron anywhere it is in the fibroids–as I feel and look slightly anemic, and respond to eating red meat as if it is medicine.

  5. This question is an easy one! Sweating is one of your body's ways to get rid of toxins when your system becomes overwhelmed or even when it isn't. You might try taking your temperature at these times to see if goes up a little. Have you notices that your sweat smells really acrid? Boron is known for breaking down biofilms. Drink lots of water and if it's too bad back a little off but sounds like you're doing some great balancing.

  6. Rosa have you had your iron properly assessed ? I know our llmds think we are low in iron because of Babs you might be intrigued about your levels and how it's effecting your reproductive issues . I've found my night sweats and air hunger has been so much by supporting my adrenals using what's recommended in this group . Before you continue treating the Babs might want to try treating your imbalances it's not always what we are lead to believe

  7. I wanted to post an update. I bought Dr Sircus' book on baking soda, and have been so excited to try it that I started drinking a tiny bit in my water, and adding a little to my mag oil topical applications. Last night I decreased the Borax in the bath to one teaspoon, and added a half pound of soda and a pound of mag chloride. It has now been two days without intestinal cramping! Which for me is seriously amazing and something to celebrate. And the 1 tsp dose of borax didn't make me sweat but did warm me nicely. Slept well and woke relaxed but not floppy… 🙂 Thank you so much to this group!

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