How do we get vitamin d without the sun?


What is the advice around low levels of vitamin d since it is recommended not to take it in supplement form ? How do we get it without the sun? Would having K2 along with the d3 supplement help ?

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  1. Mg just naturally balances vitamin D out itself. How you ask? It just does 🙂

  2. Taking magnesium and cod liver oil and get out in the sun.
    Denise, have you had a chance to read the pinned post on the main page of this group and watched the video? If you haven't please start there.

  3. I read the post about vitamin d as it correlates to need magnesium to convert it into its usable form in the liver and also mentioning iron. Are the forms of vitamin d3 from sheep skin oil considered synthetic ?

  4. what about the latitude and time of year the sun is not high enough in the sky to produce the synthesis of vitamin d in the skin?

  5. There is no benefit to storage D over 21 per the protocol.

  6. What is the optimum blood level of D hormone ?

  7. So I should stop the D3 basically. And get out on the sun and what to do in the winter? I read about the rules in the group about not being allowed to discuss Vitamin D3. So I apologize. Can someone tell me why this topic is not allowed? That confuses me.

  8. Get a SAD light

  9. Thank you Patrick Boyle in the files. This helped and also the explanation of active vs storage d hormone in the link. Sorry I am a slow learner but once I get I get it totally.

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