How do you all store your Mag and boron water?


Quick question out of curiosity! How do you all store your Mag and boron water? I’m a bit hesitant to use plastic containers, I’m afraid of toxins from the plastic affecting the waters? Any insight on this?

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  1. I do leave my mag water in the selzer plastic bottle, but I do borax water in a glass jar.

  2. Thank you Judy! Is there a reason you choose to leave it in the plastic? Just curious

  3. OH I see Judy!!! Lol, I guess no one else has any thoughts…

  4. I do the same as Judy, for pretty much the same reasons. A glass jar for the boron because I have one. Plastic bottles for the mag water because it's convenient.

  5. Thanks Ruth, I'm trying to throw out all plastic…wondering if anyone is concerned with possible leeching of toxins from the plastic

  6. Carla Crook-Starman

  7. I use Ball mason jars with plastic lids. Love the 1/2 gallon size for large volumes.

  8. Mag water is stored in the plastic seltzer bottle, and I use it up within a few days. I make the boron water, 1/4 tsp in 1 cup water, in an empty glass jelly jar.

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