How do you feel about colloidal silver?


Advice. How do you feel about colloidal silver? Trying natural remedies for a PANDAS kid ? and was recommended by ND.

Any other natural alternatives to antibiotics?

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  1. Colloidal is not recommended but I believe nano particle is ok?

  2. Thank you will research!!!

  3. Steve is correct. No colloidal silver.

  4. Thank you. What's another alternative to antibiotics?

  5. Oregano oil, grapeseed extract, raw garlic and onion.

  6. It works on tons of things!!! I have 10 kids and they find lots of things that need antibiotics.
    Pineapple, garlic, and honey all have natural antibiotics in them.

  7. Homeopathy. You'll need to work with a homeopath but my Hanai mom cured her son of PANDAS using homeopathy.

  8. Just read this yesterday. Thought I would share as you may find helpful.

  9. Maybe ACS 200? Is that nano silver?

  10. Argynten 23

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