How do you get a doc to order all these tests?


Probably a dumb question, but how do you get a doc to order all these tests for you? I just dont see a doc going “you want a bunch of random tests done? Suuuuuuureeee!”

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  1. I couldn't get mine to. I paid out of pocket 🙁

  2. Rachael, if you dont mind me asking, how many or which tests did you get and what did it cost you? Feel free to pm if you prefer. Im afraid we may end up having to do the same, and I'm afraid its gonna end up being prohibitive.

  3. I got the mag rbc, iron, copper and zinc done. It was $209

  4. Oy vey. I can barely afford b vitamins, let alone that. Oy. Thanks for sharing. Im glad to have a vague idea of what this might end up meaning.
    So how did you get the blood drawn if a doc didnt order it?

  5. A lot on here do the HTMA testing which is done via hair. I think it's $150 but not sure what all it tests

  6. You can order the htma test for that cost through Morley and he will do a consult as well

  7. But where did you get it done? Do you just walk into a hospital with the test order, and they have to draw your blood for you, or what?

  8. Just politely ask your doc to order the tests as that way insurance will pay for them.

  9. ^^ that would be my idealn of coursen and the first route ill tryn but the medical system in my local is kinda a rigged deck with two medical groups having the corner on the market, and to be a doc in this area, you wont survive unless you work for one of these groups. And the group mindset is alternative is bad and lots of meds and surgeries is good.

  10. Is the htma the same as that mag panel?

  11. I know what you mean, docs in UK wont even do a standard magnesium test let alone all the other tests.. took 15 years to get them to agree to check my B12 Levels.

  12. I had a couple of family members that got genetic testing and my sisters dic said there were several things my doc should check. I called and they said you do the research and we will test. I sure hope they are telling the truth because I am finding connections from this group on testing that needs done. I have a nice list and have saved some money so we will see if they really will.

  13. My chiropractor/functional medicine will do anything I ask he's been helping me figure out my health issues and will go out of his way to help. You just have to find that one doc that cares.

  14. I ask my doctor for all kinds of weird tests and she has never asked why I want them.

  15. Becky Evans are you in chambersburg? I am near Lewisburg. Is your doc pretty mainstream?

  16. I told dr I wanted these tests , responded they are not paid by insurance.. I the moment for the blood test I talked to the tech and she added the RBC mag to my blood test regular check up. I was so happy.

  17. It all depends on the Dr. At one time I was seeing a rheumatologist and I asked for a certain test she said "why would I test you for that it has nothing to do with your illness." (mind you she guessed my illness)
    That was the last time I saw her.

  18. It's covered by insurance if your doctor codes it right. It seems most really aren't interested in helping and so won't bother looking for a reasonable code to put it under.

  19. Depending on your state's regulations, maybe a natruopathic doctor? Here in NY, they can't do physical exams or order bloodwork … but in other states I think they can. Here, I worked with an ND who told me what tests to ask for, then went back to my MD and informed them that the "nutritionist" 😉 I was working with requested XYZ, and they signed off on it.

  20. Hopefully yours is better than mine. Short version
    "Why do you want these tests? What symptoms?"
    Give answer.
    Blank stare.
    "Those tests are unnecessary no one ever needs them"
    I'm seeing an ND next week. I have other obvious issues she's ignoring too.

  21. A nutritionist or naturopath can order pathology.

  22. I get my slips from an ND. She works with an MD.

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