How do you get them to follow their diet?


I had to bring my 13 year old daughter in the ER. She has been cheating with her diet lately and she has celiac disease. Even though I have been harping on her to be good with it. So now she has had horrible belly pain for a week now. The doctors are saying it COULD be a number of things, but with all of gluten she has been eating I have a bad feeling it’s because of that.

So my question is, for those of you would have teens with celiac, how do you get them to follow their diet? I know it’s frustrating for her and there are so many things she loved to eat before she was diagnosed, but how do I get her to realize it just isn’t worth it?

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  1. Imo she will have to learn herself. I still cant stick to the diet. Hope she feels better.

  2. If you have glutten in the house, you can donate it to a food bank 🙂 also find out what she’s cheating with… I have recipes for bout everything lol

  3. Hope she feels better. Maybe after realizing how sick she will feel, she won’t want to go through that again.

  4. Remind her that if she keeps this up she could become infertile. If she wants her own kids, this might make her snap to it and stay gf

  5. I did a bunch of research when I was in high school and one thing that really scared me was the fact that if I were to eat wheat there is a possibility that instead of just having stomach pains and stuff it could turn into cancer I was diagnosed at 16 months but have always wanted to try food that I can’t have but when I saw that it scared the living daylights out of me.

  6. My 16 yr old gets it. My newly diagnosed 23 yr old son this is going to be rough. He is 6’4″ & muscle. Used to eating everything

  7. I pretty much tell my 13 year old that if she’s not careful she may one day, wind up with stomach cancer. It seems to help somewhat but she’ll still be tempted.

  8. Maybe she’s to grown for this but u could maybe try something like a gluten free food reward chart and after so many days sticking with gf foods she gets a prize….

  9. I got diagnosed at 16. I was shown what could happen and that i could get an ostomy bag and I stopped. I also had severe reactions and that was enough to make me want to stop. She needs to mature enough to let go of those foods. Make sure you’re supporting her emotionally and physically and hopefully she’ll figure it out soon

  10. I only kept gluten free foods in our house, we all eat the same stuff, but if your daughters getting her food out of the house then she needs to be responsible for what she eats, it’ll take time. It took my son years before he finally took it seriously and he got awfully sick when he ate gluten… Hard being young and not being able to eat what your friends eat

  11. My son is 14 and it’s hard when he isn’t around me he eats wheat all the time even though makes him sick. I finally said forget it I’m not spending all this money on gluten free if you just eat gluten it’s a waste. I put him on gluten all the time for a week. He came to me and said he wanted go gluten free again he was tired of being sick. So hopefully since he chose it he is eating gluten free all the time now.

  12. My 15 year old cheated a couple weeks ago and was horribly sick for 3 days. He hasn’t even brought up cheating since and actually looks at all ingredients now.

  13. I’m 19 and follow it very strictly. I would really explain how dangerous it is. Celiac causes many many issues including cancer.

  14. Sometimes this can be a control issue. My experience is that when my child is feeling that there are aspects of her life that she can’t control she will control what she can, even if it means doing something that is damaging. If this is the case it might help to encourage her that she is in control of her health and wellbeing and that a way of remaining in control is by putting together her own health plan. It might include cheat days that have an alternate \

  15. If you go to the ER for stomach pains due to gluten, what do they do for you?

  16. I tell my boy his suffering because he ate gluten. I provide safe food and education around food if he chooses to be ignorant I can’t help him. He had to learn. As much as the mum in you hurts for her its something we all must learn for ourselves whether we be 13 or 33. The only person who can stop her eating gluten is her.

  17. My daughter’s reaction is so bad that she won’t knowingly eat it. She craves Krispy Kreme doughnuts and I have said, if you want it you can eat it but you know you will\nHave to\nPay the consequences. She always says, it’s not worth it.

  18. I know that feeling

  19. how do you go into a restaurant that isnt gluten free…yousound like the boy in the bubble…I am not making fun of anyone..thisis hard….Iknow 2 people who livea normal life with some adjustments….I dont eat salt…salt is everywhere..ineverything….but Idont have to do this stuff…I ama nurse…Inever heard of this…keep talking…Iwant tolearn how areyou diagnosed?

  20. Very hard to do with teens. My son has DS and is 16, he doesn’t understand that it’s bad for him. We really just try not to buy much gluten, if we do it’s out of his reach. If it’s out or my daughter (gluten junkie) leaves something around he will grab it and run! Whatever it is he will literally shove it in his mouth or fight us to eat it!

  21. Make her do a research project about the long term physical and psychological effects of not adhering b

  22. I know the feeling. I was diagnosed at 15 and the only way I learned was to pay for the consequences. I eventually became scared of gluten to the point that I won’t touch it. I had to learn the hard way that cheating isn’t worth the pain and suffering.

  23. Do you have a celiac association chapter near you, they have meetings for newly diagnosed. I found out when I was young but did not take fully seriously until I heard of what could happen down the line and what it could do to my long term health. Also

  24. Me, my son (15) and daughter (10) have celiac disease. My son says he doesn’t cheat because he associates gluten to drugs or poison. I also think it helps that my mom who has CD cheats. She is sick 90 percent of her life. She’s been in the hospital for so many issues due to her diet. She’s lost teeth and is really in bed all day. My kids have seen for themselves that if you cheat and eat gluten they could have some serious consequences.

  25. Deal with the pain enough and she will

  26. I was 13 when I was diagnosed. I used to not be so strictly gluten free. I just had to learn. What keeps me from eating clean is knowing how awful I feel when I do eat gluten. She’ll learn just like I did

  27. If the language is ok for you/her, there is a book Gluten is my Bitch that explores with humor the emotional roller coaster of being gluten free in a gluten-filled world. She might connect with it.

  28. Im 20 and struggling with this what helps Me is going and buying food that’s gluten free and I have my own shelf that no one can touch it makes me feel like im not missing out they are I no it sounds lame but when the family is eating donuts it helps

  29. many good books

  30. When I started associating the pain of the symptoms with eating gluten, it became not worth it. I know it’s hard, it’s hard for all of us…but the longer she’s gluten free, the more sensitive she will get (generally, for most of us) then it literally becomes not worth it to eat that to feel like this. My son is 6 and when he was in preschool, he ate a single froot loop off the floor. He was hospitalized for 3 days with very severe symptoms. I literally sat at his bedside and harped on him about all that we had to go through because he made a bad choice and ate gluten. I know he’s young. I know it felt terrible. But we don’t have a problem with him eating food before we read labels anymore. We read every label, every time we eat it. He also associates gluten with pain and sickness. It takes time to transition. And it’s not easy. But it’s important. Good luck.


    Following this thread as I find it hard keeping my 3 yo on track so I cannot imagine what she will be like when she is older.

  31. Poor darling i am 36 and was diagnosed just 2 weeks ago

  32. I am a teen, I keep all my stuff In one cupboard so I’m not tempted to eat anything else

  33. Let her go. She will learn the hard way

  34. I have the same battle with my own self control. It’s been a year and some change, and all I want is gluten.

  35. Where are you located? Do you keep things with gluten in the house? Does she understand the seriousness of it? Are you working together to create alternatives? I have a bad wheat intolerance, but that’s more serious. Does everyone around her know?

  36. Just an idea have her start a food diary.. and have her right down all the symptoms she gets and when she gets them … maybe it will help her realize what she is doing to herself …

    Have you searched for a gluten free bakery near you ? Some big towns also have gluten free support groups!

  37. Does she realize she could be causing early cancers in her abdomin? Does she realize that the vili responsable to carry vital vitamins and nutrients thru her system are slowly dieing everytime she eats gluten laced foods, & can cause malnutrition, & iron deficiencies. Maybe educate her further. That’s all you can do, & pray she gets it.

  38. What can the hospital do?

  39. Good luck, my granddaughter kept cheating n then got sick n broke out!

  40. Honestly the best thing to do is assure that you have no foods that contain gluten on hand and easily accessible. It’s hard but once she sticks to a gluten free diet, she’ll feel as though she’s on top of the world. Urge her to try new gluten free things; find tasty recipes and alternatives for the foods she loved to eat before. For example, I adored potato chips, and I still do, but now I make them myself to avoid any possible contamination

  41. I’m fifteen, I was diagnosed when I was seven, and I’m the only one in my house that has celiac, but I think of it as poison, she may not realize it, but eating the gluten can slowly kill you, so that’s what I think about, when I was younger I would cheat and I’d pay the price for it, but I convinced my parents to do gluten free pasta when we have it, and use gf bisquick when making pancakes, but I have my own shelves in the pantry. But it’s all about how she thinks about it

  42. How do you get teens to do anything?

  43. You can follow the diet with her so that she doesn’t feel alone

  44. She may have learned her lesson

  45. You’re not going to have any more trouble… Now that she knows what is going to happen… You don’t have to say anything.

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