How do you go gluten free the cheap way?


How do you go gluten free the cheap way? Cuz im strugglin over here…

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  1. I don’t buy replacement products. I just eat naturally gluten free food, fresh items, and nothing processed.

  2. We eat a lot of rice and chicken.

  3. Try to eat things that are naturally GF not the specific GF items they are about 3x’s the price.

  4. this is a cheap recipe.
    turkey meatballs. gluten free in most supermarkets.
    1 onion
    tin of tomatoes
    I gluten free stock cube.
    brown off meatballs and onion. then put everything in a dish with some water so it is not to thick. put in oven for an hour. we have it with gluten free spaghetti.

  5. Don’t buy processed foods.

  6. we buy a lot of fresh fruits and veggies. lots of beans ( i love refried), meats, and hasbrowns, eggs, sausage. those are some of my favorites. i was overwhelmed thinking that being celiac was going to be too expensive, but its not! most things i ate already were gluten free. we just switched our noodles to gluten free. the whole house is now gluten free. we have four boys and they dont even notice a difference. lol

  7. Buy yourself a kitchen aid mixer with attachments and make your own. QVC has them on sell, plus you can make monthly payments. Buy the gl flour that is measure for measure.

  8. Don’t eat… that’s the cheapest way… check ingredients and stay away from the free from aisle… yes, I said stay away! Unless it’s an absolute necessity. Most jars of sauces are gluten free and a lot cheaper than the free from range or you could make your own and freeze them

  9. Fresh meats, fish, veggies, rice, beans, berries..

  10. Lots of crock pot meals made from scratch. Potatoes are cheap, so are frozen veggies. Add in meats of choice and canned or frozen tomatoes. Spices as you like.

  11. Big Lots and Aldi’s have affordable snacks and treats. I eat Paleo 90% of the time which excludes processed foods.

  12. Meats..veggies..rice

  13. Hi. I’m from Canada but lived in South Korea briefly in my twenties and realized 1) they eat cheaply, and 2) they don’t eat gluten (or dairy). So when we needed to go GF, I just tried to remember what I ate when I lived there. (Lots of rice, veggies…) GF gets expensive when you are trying to replace items that are meant to contain gluten with GF substitutes, ie loaves of bread, hot dog buns, cookies, cake etc.

  14. We have a garden and grow fresh fruits and vegetables.

  15. Cook everything from scratch. Rice and potatoes for carbs with meat and veg as a staple.

  16. Rice bowls

  17. Farmers markets

  18. Bring your own food, don’t eat out.

  19. Aldi has lots of gf items…12 oz gf bread only 3.99

  20. Buy things that are naturally gluten free and don’t look for as many “substitute” items.

  21. whole foods, learn to bake your own things, our costs actually went down when our son was also diagnosed (i was already) since we don’t buy any more prepackaged snacks. Every sunday we bake muffins, cookies, make grain bowls for the week. Even cuts down on time! Also reduced cost of eating out 🙂 Good luck!

  22. Rice, rice noodles, cruizing local ads for sales, eating the same stuff…over and over and over again 😛

  23. Potatoes, rice, Sweet potatoes, Gluten free oatmeal. Cook from scratch

  24. Fruits and vegetables

  25. Veggies, grains, potatoes and beans is how I accomplish it.

  26. Mexican cuisine is pretty inexpensive to make… Just make sure you use corn tortillas with no flour in them. Use cornstarch as a thickener for gravies

  27. Frozen veggies and fruits. Rice. Potatoes.

  28. Tacos and hot dogs

  29. You have to cook at home but if you don’t have the materials or place to cook like me, you’re screwed

  30. I mainly eat meat, eggs quinoa and vegetables you can get quinoa cheaper at the bulk food store; most of them have a gluten free section now. Depending on where you live you can get large bags of wheat free oatmeal for less than $10, the thing I have learned since going gluten free is this, you eat for nutrition and not by design if that makes any sense in other words throw the traditional menu out the window and make up your own.

  31. Grow your own vegetables in the summer! Pick your veggies straight from your garden!

  32. Meat fruit and veggies. Altos has reasonable gluten free products too.

  33. Aldi helps a lot

  34. Fresh fruits and veggies, preferably organic. I’ve been loving Imperfect Produce deliveries lately, produce is cheaper:

  35. I hear you

  36. Fresh fruits and veggies and lean meat are your friend and cost effective.

  37. Don’t buy any labeled GF products, stick to regular stuff like chicken, fish, meat and rice or potatoes with veggies, those are my go to and then I get creative with like taco bowls or something (tostadas, ground beef, taco seasoning with all the fixings on top in a bowl).

  38. Don’t eat? Lol just kidding

  39. Ive found that if you stay away from processed gluten free products it’s cheaper. eating more natural and more produce and protein rather then gluten free substitutes of packaged food. Those are sooo expensive!!

  40. Stay away from GF processed food. Meat, veggies, fruit, rice, quinoa, beans…Whole Foods

  41. Eat fresh foods

  42. I know almond flour is super expensive

  43. Lots of fresh veggies, fruit, and protien

  44. I cant afford it

  45. Fruits & veggies! I make most of my meal out of them and feel full! That was my lunch, spinach, Quinoa, roasted veggies and a corn patty (Colombian arepa)

  46. I just buy a lot of products in bulk from Costco and make our own meals. So I’ll buy a bag if GF flour and make our own bread, pasta ect.

  47. Actually, I am allergic to eggs and soy and other things normally put into GF processed foods. I do buy a few fruit and nut Lara Bars for travel, but I eat fresh sugar snap peas and carrot slices for snacks, Hummus by Sabra is readily available. Learning how to eat in a healthy way is key. And cheaper.

  48. I stick with dairy meats fresh fruits and veggies and in the summer time i grow them in bulk i live in the country Lol and walmart sells a great variety of GF items at reasonable prices and mexican cooking is a plus at this house so the whole family can eat and i don’t have to worry about CC myself

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