How do you guys take bee pollen granules?


How do you guys take bee pollen granules? I don’t really have to put that stuff under my tongue, do I?

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  1. I just have half a teaspoonful straight off and do a bit of chewing and wash down with water.

  2. I mix it into my breakfast yoghurt and homemade muesli.

  3. Another post this week said you should do something to make it more easily digestable?

  4. What are the benefits of it?

  5. I think micro nutrients and b12, chromium, poss?
    Certainly in a natural form.

  6. Thank you. What is the recommended dosage?

  7. Bee pollen is not my favorite lol but I chew it like a champ and chase it with some cod liver oil. Then wash it down with some dandelion tea after!

  8. Does it need to be chewed?

    • I have “heard” is does need to be chewed or ground into smoothie or food for it to be most beneficial. Hoping a pro will comment on this!

  9. Mix it with honey was the recommendation Lani Zanatta

  10. I put it on toast with banana, peanut butter and honey. It's yum that way.

  11. I put bee pollen on top of 1-2 T. coconut cream, with some frozen raspberries or cranberries. A few drops stevia and also some whole food vitamin C powder, and mash it all with a fork. The bee pollen melts into the coconut cream. This yummy little dessert is a powerhouse, with B complex and C, some good fat, a little potassium, and even iodine, if I use cranberries.

  12. I like it Helaine

  13. Sprinkle on my porridge and makes it go yellow when it melts!

  14. Really, I just bought some off amazon, organic stuff.

  15. I eat it with spoon i like the taste of pollen

  16. I sprinkle mine on a salad

  17. I put it in my tea with my collagen, or swallow it whole.

  18. I quite like the taste, straight off the spoon.

  19. I eat it straight. With honey just sounds too sweet for me :/ my honey (same bee keeper) is used in my tea.

  20. I stir into my yogurt with chia seeds.

  21. Yeah UPDATE: tried it for the first time today and bee pollen tastes amazing. Anyone from this point forward who needs to put it in some other food or mask it with more sugar shall be questioned.

  22. I mix it in my morning smoothie.

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