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Disclaimer ***not bringing confusion to the protocols just beginning the journey. Thanks for the valuable input. Goes against what we have been told for years. Seeking to figure out where to start. Hanks for those hat have helped and understand. ***

So help me understand if Vitamin D levels seriously low. How do you recommend treating? bc the fatigue & negative side effects from low Vitamin D are real. 4 generations in my family dealing with this. Seeking to figure out for my almost 19 year old non verbal daughter. Endocrinologist put her on VitD3 5 years ago–she’s non verbal. Obviously Don’t want to increase anxiety but seeing it. So tell me how to do Magnesium best form & how to walk our need for D levels to come up. Resources? Articles?? Very open. Lay it on me.

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  1. Have you read the pinned post yet? That explains the foundation of the Root Cause Protocol- what supplements to take and what supplements and fortified foods to avoid. It also explains the lab tests recommended- you need more than just one vitamin D test to adequately evaluate the vitamin D levels in the body. You can "seem low" on the one test most doctors do, but still have enough D.

    I sincerely doubt that "low vitamin D" is the only problem, It's just a marker for imbalance in the body. The Root Cause Protocol can help restore balance.

  2. When mine was really low I got given 20,000iu prescription D3 now I'm working to boost n maintain a better level by taking 10,000iu

  3. I was given a 40,000 IU for awhile then down to 2,000IU. My daughter has been at 2,000IU FOR 5 years. But I will look at the protocols closer ASAP.

  4. Suzy please stop the d this group recommends no d this will confuse people. please read pinned post at top of page n Morley owner of this group many articles on vit d n iron

  5. Apparently putting mushrooms in the sun, gill side up, for a few days captures huge amounts of vitamin d. Better than supplements, so I have been told. I have not researched this myself though.

  6. Get these blood tests done and post the values here.

  7. Read these articles on hormone-D by the owner of this group.

  8. Ooooh I've been taking magnesium for yrs n Epsom salt baths plus magnesium oil but my D still drops. I've took magnesium more consistently than D

  9. Are you doing all cofactors??

  10. This protocol should help raise your vitamin D levels without taking vitamin D. I'm one of the people who used to take pretty high levels of vitamin D, and I always felt an initial increase in my energy but over time I think it made me sicker. I have stopped that and I think it has helped. And following the protocol to raise magnesium levels and making sure you're keeping potassium levels up and getting sun and taking the Rosita's extra virgin cod liver oil should help raise your vitamin D levels without taking synthetic. Because you're than synthetic D will just raise the level in the blood test potentially but not actually make you healthier and effects of other things negatively

  11. From Morley:

    So-called Hormone-D deficiency is CAUSED by:

    o Magnesium deficiency…
    o Cholesterol deficiency…
    o Iron Overload in the Liver…
    o And "Sun deficiency!" — Let's NOT forget the source of our Frequency!…

  12. In other words, implement the Root Cause Protocol.

    Here is an introductory video. Below it is the Root Cause Protocol:

    ~ moderator

  13. I stopped supplementing when I got on the protocol in the beginning of this year. My levels were 8ng/ml despite 10,000ui daily. I came on to the protocol in January/February and stopped vitamin D then. My levels in August were 88ng/ml and that's without any supplementing. I did go on two holidays this summer: one to a few Greek islands and another to southern Spain, but it goes to show that the protocol does work.

  14. It says D deficiency is caused by Magnesium deficiency, but I've been taking that for 5 yrs
    Cholesterol deficiency… I've got raised cholesterol, plus eat good fats anyway
    Iron overload…Ive got low iron stores
    Sun deficiency yeah fair enough, but that gives u 20,000iu outside in full sun with most of body uncovered. We don't get anywhere near enough of this in the UK, and no food gives anywhere near the same levels as what full summer sun gives, so why not suppliment when you're low?? (I also was on seven seas codliver oil the whole yr before I had very low vit D)

  15. My level was 8nmol (even lower than 8ng/ml) and came up to 122 after 3 months of vit D

  16. What's the protocol I don't understand

  17. You could also consider purchasing a Sperti Vitamin D lamp. They are not cheap but keep your eyes out and you might find one on eBay from time to time. Only 10 minutes a day exposure is said to be effective.

  18. I will certainly read the pinned posts and really try to weigh both sides. The cancer issue is what concerns me and I've read other strong recommendations that says I absolutely need it. Can be so terrifying when you are trying to stop a recurrence – and then the studies! Ugh – confusing.

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