How does brushing with MOM help your teeth?


Another question… How does brushing with MOM help your teeth? Does it strengthen them? Remineralize them? Reduce plaque? Fight cavities? Whiten them? Or all of the above?

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  1. I use coconut oil with baking soda and peppermint drops. I also take vitamin k-2. I will always take vitamin k-2 . It has helped so much. I also do oil pulling with coconut oil. You would be amazed how much it lowers your plaque !

  2. All of the above

  3. How do you do oil pulling Shirley?

  4. I reduced plaque big big time by enemas. Omg, I used to have white all over my gums, teeth and tongue a few hrs after brushing. Now, barely any!! So happy. Also brush with coc oil.

  5. Excuse a stupid question, but what is MOM?

  6. Milk of Magnesia 🙂

  7. I really reduced most of the white on my tongue by taking 1/2 tsp baking soda in water twice daily. My coffee enemas help with other things but it didn't reduce the white on my tongue.

  8. Following

  9. Interesting. I just started this two days ago. Teeth feel as if I just had them professionally cleaned.

  10. I started brushing with MOM several days ago, I've done the oil pulling with coconut or sesame oil as well, kinda off and on, just need to make it a daily routine….I also make my own natural toothpaste using DE, baking soda,
    H-peroxide …..

  11. for all u who do these natural things…my problem is my teeth r SO sensitive! i hateeeee using any chemicals but without a sens. toothpaste…i hate to think wht would be left for me to eat?? i noticed my teeth were hurting more for a couple days and i had been doing oil pulling. i think the oil was washing away the sens. protection. wht to do for the pain?? i have to let any refrig food warm to roomt emp b4 i can eat it, as it is. tia

  12. MOM might actually help with that if it strengthens and remineralizes teeth. It's worth a shot.

  13. All of the above and tightens your gums.

  14. Any scientific proof to all these MOM claims or is this just opinion based on experience(s)?

  15. No one is studying Magnesium

  16. No placebo. It works.

  17. Cool, in conjunction with other vitamins I'm assuming? Not in and of itself.



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