How does one take boron


I apologize for asking this for probably the millionth time here but I can’t pull files up on my phone and my computer is down. How does one take boron. I bought the powdered version awhile ago. I now know I need it. TY

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  1. I put a pinch of it in my water .

  2. Just an 8 oz glass?

  3. Yes I start with a little .

  4. Dip yr wet finger in the powder… Just the end of yr finger and put that in yr unfluoridated water… Once a day for maintenance… Two or three times a day for addressing arthritis

  5. What do you use it for Dana? Should I be using it too? Lol

  6. Haha! High calcium

  7. I do the fingtertip method if I need more than what's in my ionic minerals. Here's the recipe if you want to make a concentrate.


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