How does vitamin A status affect potassium absorption


How does vitamin A status affect potassium absorption. I know Morley calls retinol the potassium “choo choo train” but not sure of its mechanism. Thanks so much!

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  1. Elizabeth – I don't know the answer, sorry but I do have a question if you don't mind. what kind of vitamin A are you taking? I'm trying to find an animal based vitamin A retinol supplement.

  2. I'm taking Nordic Naturals Artic (not Artic-D) cod liver oil in Orange 🙂

  3. Thanks, Elizabeth. So cod liver oil is high in vitamin a?

  4. Yes very much and that particular one is balanced with a proportional amount of vitamin D. The one called Arctic – D has too much vitamin D in it. Retinol is what we want so clo is great.

  5. Thank you so much, Elizabeth. I'm going to order it now.

  6. You're very welcome Ashleigh

  7. I can't remember the last time I heard any talk about Vitamin A. If it isn't asking too much, why are you folks taking it?

  8. It increases Ceruloplasmin in the liver which helps bind copper to absorbed. Without it copper runs rampant free and unbound.

  9. Thanks, Elizabeth.

  10. Does anyone know anything about gene SNPs? I have several BCMO1 homozygous SNPs and this has something to do with converting vitamin A. Wonder if this is what's causing my copper issues?????

  11. Oh I have no idea Jodie! I'm so sorry. :((

  12. Jodie / post your question at the MTHFR Gene Mutation group. They can help answer your question

  13. Elizabeth do you take capsules? If so how many per day? I ordered the capsules

  14. I take the liquid. 1 tbls a day. I heard its absorbed better. Try switching it real quick for liquid. It tastes fresh and orangey and is very easy to take!

  15. Really?? Not cod liver tasting?? Lol. I'll get

  16. I swear it's NOT even remotely bad. I was SO surprised! Capsules should be fine if you need to. Just get it in you anyway you can lol

  17. Elizabeth, do you have liver problems?

  18. Ok – I just canceled the capsules and ordered the liquid!! Gotta love Amazon. Sorry to have hijacked your post. Hope you get your question answered!!

  19. No problem! :)))

  20. Not that I'm aware of Gloria accept that I'm low in Ceruloplasmin.

  21. Jodie Price Reynolds, Dr Ben Lynch briefly talks about BCMO1 mutations limiting conversion of beta carotene into vitamin A in Chapter 2 of his Online Methylation course – Part 1.
    Dr Erica Peirson also talks about hypothyroidism limiting conversion of betacarotene to Vitamin A (she watches her patients with Down Syndrome to make sure that they do not have orange tinted skin, especially around the nose). She explains this in the attached presentation (from min 38 to min 44:30. ):

    Here are the slides for that presentation – (pg 23-26)

  22. Some clarification here where it's said plant based A is not much good. Also squares the question of A & D interactions- where A is the seeming ruler:

  23. Specifically, in a era of high Hypothyroid problems, the quote: Many factors can interfere with the conversion of carotenoids into vitamin A including thyroid problems, liver problems, diabetes and genetics. Babies and children convert carotenes very poorly if at all.

  24. This may be all making sense now. I am currently being treated for low ferritan (4). (Iron was ok) since this time last year. I was so weak and foggy headed I couldn't function and had a serious of iron infusions. I am trying to get to the bottom of this as I know the infusions are not great for you and I'm thinking my problem may be from copper by way of my issue with vitamin A from what I'm seeing from everyone about BCMO. I was trying to research this gene, but wasn't finding a lot of info. So if I have all my BCMO1 SNPs homozygous- it wouldn't seem they are expressing—– do I just take additional vitamin A to compensate?

  25. If taking a high potency CLO like Rosita ,as I do [typically ONE fruitspoon max] , bear in mind that a daily dose of I Tbsp is 3x this tested amount per 1tsp ie: 9,000 to 15,000 iu Vit A SAMPLE ID iu / teaspoon
    Wild & Raw EVCLO 3000-5000
    Above values calculated from analysis performed at a number of European testing institutes (named above). Each testing institute analysis has been performed in duplicate.

  26. I think less- from memory about 1/2 that of Rosita- so it works out not so expensive in the end! Check their site to be sure.

  27. ^ Thank you Marsha Scheitlin!!!!!
    Am I interpreting this right…. that too much vitamin D can cause potassium wasting? 🙂 Pretty excited to get back our next hair labs!!!!!!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!

  28. This comes up over and over and over on the Recovering Kids group… we have all been brain washed to believe Vitamin D supplements are harmless, and more is better. I will save this. Thanks

  29. Of course it depends on whether the Vit A was boosted with extra D3 – as many are. Morley would say Mo' Mag to cancel the effect out -as it's the best way to get Cp up and many need that, too. If we all weren't so naturally low in Mg to start with oversupping Mg might be a problem, but it aint!

  30. Marsha Scheitlin
    Me, too… 😉

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