How early can you diagnose CD in children?


My husband & I are thinking about having kids soon and I’ve always wondered… once your child eats solid food should you feed them/expose them to gluten? Or should you keep them on a gluten free diet just in case they have CD as well? How early can you diagnose CD in children?

Note: My husband is also type 1 diabetic since childhood (same as my brother) so it’s very likely our kids will have some sort of autoimmune disease…

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  1. We didn’t. No need for him to develop the same issues.

    Side note: My older daughter exposed him around two years old and he immediately had diarrhea and a rash; so I feel my decision was right and continue to keep him gluten free.gluten free.

  2. I’m wondering about this too. And as a follow up question, if you keep youngers away from gluten because an older has CD, wouldn’t you then have difficulty getting a CD diagnosis for the youngers if they have it, since they wouldn’t be on a gluten diet?

  3. My thoughts might not be the popular decision, but my husband and i have thought about this a lot for when we’re ready to have kids. When they begin solid foods, my husband will feed them gluten outside of the home until they are able to have testing. I believe they can start testing at 2.

  4. My pediatrician said to feed my son “regular” food and we’ll watch for symptoms. In my experience they really don’t test for any allergies under 2 unless severe reactions are present. So far my son is 3 and eats a reg diet at daycare but mostly gf at home with me.

  5. Our pediatrician recommended gluten exposure for our youngest and to watch his symptoms/growth. So far no signs and he’s 17 months. When we asked our GI doc he agreed, and basically said keeping younger ones on a GF diet was a parenting call, not medically necessary.

  6. My pediatrician said to expose gluten. Around 1.5-2 years old he will produce antibodies for it and a simple blood test can confirm. I would rather KNOW if he is celiac than just assume. He eats puffs and pieces of bread at restaurants with no problem. But the house is 98% gluten free.

  7. Gluten exposure. I don’t know the whole testing for allergies under 2 thing since its not an allergy and Many kids are diagnosed before age 2. Normal diet and watch for any symptoms. Keep a good log if you see any symptoms develop.

  8. Can you do the dna testing on them to see if they even have the gene?

  9. We treated it the same as other high allergens. Like shellfish, peanuts, honey, etc and waited until they were 2. Both boys were tested by blood work for the antibodies and neither had elevated levels. However now my youngest is 18 and is testing positive. 🙁

  10. If I were starting over I’d give it to them because they may not have it. My oldest has cd and EoE, the docs said to keep my youngest being exposed to the things we are eliminating because she could develop an allergy to them if we take them out of her diet. Besides, I’d rather know 100% for sure

  11. Exposure and watch for symptoms and growth. One of the main reasons for the increase in so many food allergies in this generation is the lack of exposure to foods at an early age. (Not a popular statement but studies support it.)

  12. We do a low gluten diet. He eats it outside of the house and some of dad’s food but i find its incredibly difficult to feed a toddler gluten when you cannot have it. Like he will shove gluten filled pasta or something in my face to try n get me to try it

  13. Yr kids have a 10% chance; I have 5 kids none have it but I have a cuz who does

  14. Oh I suppose u need to talk to ur peditriction about diet

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