How has taking boron affected your hormones?


Question to women taking boron. How has it affected your hormones? Any change?

I’ve begun implementing the full protocol. (I’m excited and feel better overall.) However, I do notice that whenever I take 6 mg of boron, I feel bloated and breast tenderness. (estrogen-like symptoms during less estrogen time of cycle.) Does anyone have anything similar?

Any suggestions for me? I’m keen to keep on this, but would like to hear any cautions. Thank you.

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  1. I would like to know also

  2. I read this article earlier and it talks a little about it. Hope it helps you a little!

  3. I eat prunes instead of supplement for boron.

  4. I've taken 10mg fit the last two years of Boron. Stopped my hot flushes. Less didn't.
    Also take it for arthritis and noticed lumps reducing on my fingers so have now added 3mg of the borax solution x 3 daily – so st least another 9mg.
    I fell heavily tripping on concrete last week and other than a big knee scrape and bruise there ( sore muscles) But no breaks!!! Should have broken something!! I immediately thanked the Boron/borax for my strong bones!!
    I believe that boron Balances hormones. ( from past reading).

  5. My breasts were tender for about a week but my sex drive is starting to rev up, which my husband is very happy with

  6. Wife took 3mg boron for 4 days and made adenomyocis much worse. Took DIM and myomin and it seems to be getting better.

  7. What's DIM?

  8. When I started about a year ago, I had similar symptoms you describe, but then after about 2 months the symptoms went away along with my bio identical progesterone, reduced thyroid meds now by 1/3, night sweats, arthritis in finger, energy– all a big plus! Love boron for me.

  9. Jocelyn Kelly

  10. No change for me.

  11. Can it be candida related?

  12. Oh gee, I started to take more boron supplement since i had none boron in my body on HTMA. And i just realised last week that my breast have come bigger! Could it be that? I have lost some weight too so it cannot be that either! BUT after saying this i also had the worst period and pms that i have had for a long time…!

  13. I have only been on protocol for a few weeks slowly introducing everything. I have had days of feeling very bloated and hormonal and stomach achy. I have been wondering whether it was the boron. No loose stools so I didn't think it was the mag.

  14. Decrease the amount of boron a bit…..

  15. First few cycles I had irregularity in cycle, but now I am completely pain free, a bit moody maybe but nothing severe. I am 46.

  16. I'm wondering if it is adversely affecting my testosterone levels. I'm shedding noticeable amounts of hair again and the only thing that's changed is that I'm taking boron.

  17. I'm very curious too, just have ordered boron from iherb.

  18. On 10-12 prunes and my period shrunk from 28 to 24-25 days which is really strange as I was always regular. That happened 2 months into protocol, I can't think of anything else to contribute. No tenderness though..

  19. I eat raisins or prunes after each meal for boron.

  20. When I started the protocol I was thrown into menopause with really bad flashes every half hour. I started with 1/2 tsp borax concentrate which caused detox symptoms. I persisted with the borax and eventually the flashes started to improve. I had tried all the natural remedies and none of them helped so I gave up on them. I am now on 7 tsp daily.

  21. I have worked up to 9mg of boron using the boron water concentrate. My dreams are more vivid and my cycles have gotten slightly shorter since taking the higher dose. Normally I get nasty cramps all down my legs several days before my cycle starts. Today aunt flo came, with no painful warnings. Just had a harder time waking up.

  22. I can't speak to Boron specifically but I have seen a significant improvement in my hormonal symptoms w protocol. I was drenching sheets & PJs at night and that's quit. I'm still warmer than most a lot of the time but I can deal w that.

  23. I believe it is boron, along with the protocol, that has been the only thing to increase all my low sex hormone levels across the board. Just had mine checked, my progesterone was at 5.2 September 2016 and is finally up to 15.2. I have more work to do but getting there. I took boron water and sometimes the tablet. Now I am using mega mag which has some boron in it.

  24. For menopause, if you already take boron as part of the protocol, should you also using progesterone cream? I'm in menopause and having brutal hot flashes and night sweats and am at my wits end. Not sure if I should increase boron (I'm taking 2mg now) or add progesterone cream.

  25. 2mg of Boron in my opinion is nigh on useless! I needed 10mg to stop mine. I started with 3 then tried 6. 10 did it! Now I take 20 as working on arthritis too.

  26. Can I ask other than the footbath how else can we take borax ?

  27. I LOVE how I feel on borax concentrate, and feel it is balancing my hormones.

  28. I'm taking a break from borax concentrate while I'm travelling and I am noticing I don't have stiff hands in the morning (a good thing as I have learned this may well be the excess calcium moving out of the joints) BUT I notice that my hot flushes are more noticeable. Soon home and resuming the borax so time will tell.

  29. Borax in water I'm just taking pinches every time I drink. I feel it has levelled something inside me. Not sure what but I feel more calm and balanced. Like grounded. Clarity of mind. My nose is permanently stuffy. My nose feels a bit more open. My hands always swell up, but ever since I've been on borax my hands do not hurt or swell! This all in two months. I will up my dose but I'm just a bit scared, scared of what next my body will do. Over all I just can't drink water no longer without borax. Not bad for a few pinches in a day!

  30. I did at first as well but it only lasted a couple of months, now I feel great! Also boron will enhance the affects of estrogen treatments

  31. I almost bought a prenatal vitamin with boron in it but it said it had 50mg per serving! Sorry it's not related to your question, but I quickly read up on the ingredient (I was unfamiliar) and heard you shouldn't consume over 20mg a day, so I was confused as to why the prenatal was so high. I saw your post with boron and it intrigued my curiosity

  32. Why is boron recommended for people? I am curious because my daughter's boron levels were unusually high on her HTMA. Any ideas on what this could mean?

  33. Wish I could stomach the boron – even 3 mg is too much for me. Tried capsules, boron water, the recommended drops – it all sends me off to the loo. Ain't nobody got time for that!

  34. Here's a quote from Morley:

    o the mineral behind Estrogen is IRON, not Copper…

    o Iron is PRO-oxidant, & in bodies w/ LOW Ceruloplasmin (the MASTER Anti-Oxidant) the body goes to Plan-B — Estrogen, which is ALSO an Anti-oxidant…

    o the mineral behind Progesterone is Magnesium — NOT Zinc…

    o bodies LOW in Mg have too much Iron AND vice versa…

    o Iron is a KNOWN activator of MAPK (Mitogen-activated Protein Kinase) — a KEY agent in CREATING Inflammation…

    o Mg PREVENTS Inflammation…

    o Iron ACTIVATES Inflammation…

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