How is this going to affect my job?


I have question.

After it’s all said and done and I get the official diagnosis of Celiac from the scope. I know I need to stop eating gluten. I get that.

But. I work in food manufacturing. I make cereal. I make cereal that has wheat. I literally handle and breath raw and cooked wheat berries on an almost daily basis. How is this going to affect my job?

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  1. I would ask your Gastroenterologist that question! That’s a tough one.

  2. Ya I agree with Emily Carter. It depends on severe it is for you. My bf isn’t affect by it unless it eats it. But that being said it’s all around you and breath it in being there is so much. Definitely ask your doctor

  3. I agree ask your dr.

  4. Also makes me wonder what the hell wheat is doing to us. I didn’t have any symptoms until I worked with wheat for 2 years. Now I’m at year 5 of employment there and getting worse all the time

  5. Wear a mask – if you can. I found myself still getting sick after working with regular flour. Good luck!

  6. FYI – Celiac Disease is covered under ADA. So if your doctor recommends that your employer change your position, or make special accommodations, they would have to comply under the ADA. Just keep that in mind

  7. I am a cake decorator and I had the same concern my dr said it was ok as long as I didn’t eat any of it

  8. Listen to your Doctor but also listen to your body, because Doctors don’t know everything.

  9. I get sick from making a gluten cake mix..the dust how it fly’s.. yep.. so wear a mask if ya can..

  10. No question. You need a new job. Inhaled wheat can make a person with celiac very very sick. Maybe the company makes something besides cereal you could switch to?

  11. I was told not to walk down the same aisle as bulk flower in store

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