How long did it take you to go 100% gluten free?


So you just found out you are celiac…how long did it take you to go 100% gluten free? Did it take some time to change everything over? How gradual a process was it for you?

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  1. Immediately.

  2. I was in denial and pretty annoyed at first, and then it came to bite me in the ass. Everything got way worse, had to cut it all out cold turkey. It’s so much better now, except when I accidentally get glutened, the reaction is way worse than before

  3. I slowly cut it out over a couple of months. I have 6 small children so it took me time to find a groove, find food I could stomach, and I was breastfeeding the baby so I had to figure out a new diet . I thought cutting back slowly would help and I would feel a little better but it didn’t. I only felt better a week after I cut it out completely. Then when I did feel so normal and awake and alert did I regret not doing it faster. I didn’t realize how really bad off I was until I was better!

  4. I dropped it that same day. I didn’t want to suffer anymore

  5. as soon as we got the phone call about the blood results that was it, it was done that day he never ate ( intentionally) another piece of gluten

  6. Right away since it was getting me sick.

  7. That day, filled boxes up\nWith all the gluten items, pans, any cooking items, cleaned all kitchen cabinets, went shopping

  8. 2 days ago i had a gluten candy bar that i thought was gluten free i think i posted on here, but i still have the rash today- is that normal from 2 days ago? i just took another benadryl,

  9. Cold turkey quit right away. Never looked back.

  10. If diagnosed I’ll be going GF immediately. \nI got told I might be coeliac or intolerant so I boxed up all food containing gluten and gave it all away. I was GF for two weeks before being told I have to then eat gluten for 6 weeks to be diagnosed… I have a few gluten containing things in the cupboards but not much at all as I’m just eating as I go along , I don’t want to stock up on food incase I have to throw it out again.

  11. It took a little time. It’s really best for the healing process to do it asap.

  12. I found out that my celiac comes through my mother’s side of the family. At first I was diagnosed with IBS. I later realized I was only experiencing reactions from gluten containing foods and I decided to go gluten free. It was a very hard choice to make at first, but now I am enjoying the benefits. I am more energetic, no more constipation, and I am generally in a good mood. I would go as far as to say that cutting out gluten has helped change my life, and I lost a total of 70 lbs.

  13. I tried to “finish off” some of the stuff I really loved, but after a few more reactions, I finally threw in the towel and said “No more”.

  14. I did it all at once. There are tons of yummy things out there. It’s been about 11 years, now. Definitely helped!

  15. The day I found out, I went 100% gluten free..its been 4 1/2 years & I’m still ok with being GF.

  16. It’s been a month since I was diagnosed and I’m fully gluten free now

  17. Immediately. Only way to do it when you become as ill as I was. Haven’t looked back.

  18. I was diagnosed in January 2001. That very day I stopped will fully eating any gluten and have never cheated in these almost 17 years. No food is worth being sick over!

  19. I thought I stopped cold turkey untill I learned that my favorite candy in the world, red vines, had wheat. Who would of thought.

  20. Same day

  21. immediately because i was so tired of being sick !!!!!

  22. I found out in the hospital just as I was about to eat my first real meal in a couple days. I pushed it away and never ate it again.

  23. Immediately! My husband cleaned up the gluten that was in the house.

  24. Immediately. Wanted to finally feel better.

  25. Immediately for myself but it took about 2 years to get the whole house gluten free. After a few mishaps we decided that it’s not worth me getting sick so all meals at home are completely GF for the family. It’s been one year and the rest of my fam doesn’t care. When we have people over no one has noticed 🙂

  26. 24 hours…

  27. Immediately for sure. I’ve been accidentally glutened but have never knowingly ingested gluten since my diagnosis. I just knew I was never going to choose to poison my body on purpose :/

  28. Immediately 100% never looked back I was far too sick to not do. X

  29. 100% from day one

  30. Read the labels on EVERYTHING! even water! Be careful with cross-contamination, too!

  31. Immediately, I found out my senior year and I wanted to feel better by the time I started college

  32. As soon as we got the final endoscopy results in saying my girls had Celiac, it was immediate.

  33. I had a two week period of time between my positive blood test and my endoscopy. I knew that the blood test was like 97% accurate, so I resigned myself to having the disease. I continued to eat gluten outside the house, but I purged and cleaned the kitchen during those two weeks. I stopped eating gluten immediately after my endoscopy, literally right after the procedure. Celiac was confirmed 4 days later and I’ve been completely gf ever since.

  34. When I was told, I stopped immediately. Its been 2 weeks. I’m like.. “Oh man! I can’t have that anymore!” More times or not, your favorite gluten food has a GF substitute. I have to think of it that way!

  35. It took about two weeks as we didn’t want to throw out the groceries we had just purchased. The first week when we bought groceries, we purchased the gluten free versions of the stuff we usually purchase.

    I did cry a lot for at least a month because I was angry and felt hungry all of the time. Once I excepted that this was my life now, my husband and I changed what we ate. Cut out premade food like frozen meals and went back to the basics (protein, veggie and grain) things began to change. I am still tired a lot but I don’t feel deprived anymore.

  36. for me, it was immediate, i was very sick and in pain at the time so i was eager to see any improvement, its all or nothing, i did have a bit of gluten 3 months after to just check myself and it was horrible so i avoid it always, i live with my family so nothing went to waste (they saved money since i wasnt eating everything in sight anymoreXD)

  37. That week. Immediately. It’s nothing to play with.

  38. I had been sick for 17 years and had worked with my diet all that time. When I was diagnosed, I went gluten free immediately and couldn’t believe how good I felt within 48 hours. The dark shadows under the eyes went away, the sinus infection cleared up, and the umbilical hernia scheduled for a repair procedure, disappeared. I got to skip the surgery!!

  39. Next morning 100 %

  40. Each person is different in both severity of diagnosis, circumstances to be able to afford the change, and knowledgeable of how to make the change. \nFor our son, after discussion with the dr and nutritionist, we moved him over semi-gradually. Took a few weeks. But we used up food we had already purchased, replacing it with a gf substitute or eliminating it altogether. Keep in mind his physical symptoms were negligible – he was screened and ultimately diagnosed strictly by behavior and mood changes.

  41. I made a ton of mistakes, but I intentionally started the weekend after being diagnosed mid-week. I did some research and cleaned out my cupboards and donated all the gluten, washed the fridge and cupboards out and restocked w GF groceries. Longest Saturday of my life!

  42. I think the biggest problem will be when you hear that your kid is the one who have to eat all gluten free, me myself I took it very hard my 11 years old daughter getting use to it faster than me she was diagnosed in july of this year

  43. I tried to go cold turkey, but couldn’t find anything that I was supposed to eat. So I had to find out the hard way. It has now been 8 years and I eat other things occasionally. Doesn’t bother me.

  44. I ate gf immediately

  45. The day we found out is the day my daughter went gluten free. It took a little longer for the house to be gluten free.

  46. 6 months after i was completely clean (my body) thats when i started feeling better but ate gluten free from when i was told just wasnt told all the ins and outs so i got sick alot at first

  47. Immediately. 100%.

  48. Had a last lovely salad gluten sandwich the evening before my endoscopy, gf immediately after!\nSorted fridge & cupboard out, areas of my things labelled my butter etc etc & got on with it, learning as went. Shopping was bit harder having to check labels, gets easier tho.

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