How long did your rebound last?


Another question….For anyone who has gotten off a PPI, how long did your rebound last? I’m off mine almost three months now (and I did a slow taper) and still having rebound acid issues, probably because the PPI weakened my LES muscle from lack of acid…..(my main symptom now is constant pain in my breastbone area stretching under both breasts near the ribs.). I’m currently on Pepcid (an H2 antagonist) to help buffer the rebound acid.I eat carefully, take supplements and do all the GERD suggestions. Thanks.

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  1. I have tried myself to come off PPI's after 22 years now or so…I have bought every single aloe juice, DGL, Mastic Gum, Apple Cider Vinegar, HCL, Pepcid, Ranitadine, slippery elm, the list goes on and the rebound always forces me back on them after 2 days of torture. I personally believe I have had bouts of Atrial Fibrillation related to mag depletion specifically having been on PPI's so long. Could be coincidence, maybe not, but since taking Mag Glyc for 2 years now I have not had a bout of afib. Down to 10mg of Nexium but less than that the reflux is unbearable even with all those things listed and a clean diet…wish I could get off them somehow for good.

  2. I think it was a couple months on and off. I think drinking mag water throughout the day helps too.

  3. I successfully and slowly went off PPI after more than twenty years. I cut back on my meal portions, I eased off spicy and heavy foods I knew agrivated my gerd and reflux even when taking them. My chest pain was so bad I just felt like I might have a stroke. I had my Dr blessing and caution to go slow, armed with my probiotics, digestive enzymes, (no tums, just perpetuates the cycle) bubbly water sips, kombucha, aloe Vera juice, no late food or snacking, raising the head of my bed I proceeded. It took three months, I never ever even get a slight feeling of it returning. I did eliminate dairy, gluten, and grains from my diet as well as soy and sugar. Cleaning up your inner house really is key IMO BONUS! Weight loss! Energy! Best wishes to all brave ones who attempt this.

  4. I was on PPIs for 10 years, which left me with deficiencies in B12, magnesium, zinc, etc. An alternative medicine doctor put me on a natural supplement called Gastrex that you can Google. You take a couple with a large glass of water before each meal. The main ingredient is from okra. She told me it may take 2-3 bottles to get off the PPI and heal my gut, but after only one bottle I am off everything. I keep the Gastrex to take when I know I am going to have a "dangerous" meal. I realize this will not work for everyone but I was very surprised by how well it worked for me. I'd read so many horror stories about coming off PPIs. Maybe I didn't need those pills all those many years. If that's the case, too bad I didn't know that before I suffered nerve problems, etc. :-(. Best of luck to you.

  5. Oh my goodness where do I start. My poor son was on a high dose of ppi for years as a baby/toddler and couldn't get off without rebound. I hired a great ND and we literally had to titrate him off 1mg per week BUT FIRST we had to do a gut healing protocol. I cut out all gluten, corn and dairy and he took some herbs and L-glutamine for 3 months, then the taper. Evenings were the worst for him so our ND had him take thorne research GI encaps which I warmed and he drank like a tea before bed.

  6. This sounds odd, but always sit upright. I found if I slouch in the chair or couch, it literally bends the flapper door at the top of the stomach and let's acid back up into the esophagus. I still get some slight twinges. But I never took PPI's for years. Took maybe 6 months at the most. This was when Nexium was prescribed only. It is dangerous stuff. Antibiotics too!

  7. kombucha, acv in water, probiotics….

  8. I've had GERD for many years with on and off PPI's for years. I'm finally getting control of it trying Keto diet and I've not had a PPI in a week, but am going to take some tonight because the fresh raspberries I had earlier apparently are causing quite a problem, feels like the back of my throat/mouth is raw (from the acid shooting up there). But generally the Keto diet has seemed to not be irritating whatsoever as far as my GERD.

  9. Some one on here recommended taking pro biotics. I had tried many times unsuccessfully to get off. I decided to try the pro biotics. I took them three times a day and a few extra when my stomach flared up. It was about a month before I returned to normal, and haven't had heart burn since. I was on nexium. I'm so thankful to whom ever it was.

  10. Bone broth is good for Gerd, as is magnesium chloride. My husband tends to eat meat, eggs, vegetables, yoghurt, some fruit. Nuts don't seem to be his friend and his best fats are butter, lard, olive oil, he really does not do well with the cheaper oils and I would extend that to cheap foods generally. He was on Nexium for a long time.

  11. What is PPI?

  12. I went off mine a few months ago. My rebound was only about a week. But much of my reflux was silent before the meds. I do have to watch what I eat. Some foods are obvious some like milk products affect me the next day.

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