How long does it take to lower antibodies?


How long does it take to lower antibodies after going gluten free?

Also, I have my first Endo appointment Monday, what can I expect?

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  1. Mine took about 6 months.

  2. As far as your endo appt. I honestly have no clue. I’ve been hypothyroid for 44 years. I didn’t have success with endos. 🙁

  3. Going gluten free might not even lower your antibodies. 12 months of it has not changed mine in the slightest

  4. I did AIP for to get antibodies lowered and still– My antibodies were 237 last October– and they were down 41 points as 196 last Dec.25th. will have another checkup next week–

  5. What is AIP?

  6. Autoimmune Paleo diet.

  7. So more success can happen with AIP instead of just gluten free?

  8. I have been gluten free for 5 years and my TPO antibodies are still really high. However, I did unintentionally ingest a lot of gluten over the course of two months after moving abroad. I have been strictly GF again now for two months and numbers are elevated. I am monitoring mine but I also know that if you are not also dairy free, you will still be triggering the auto immune response. It can take six months or longer to get gluten out of your system. Beware of hidden gluten in things as well. And be extremely careful when eating at restaurants.

  9. Oh, and one more thing. Endos are the worst for treating Hashi’s in my opinion. They only treat the symptoms, in most cases. You will receive the most complete treatment from a functional medicine doctor. Holisitic treatment is vital for the disease. I have had this disease, for a decade and have seen every type of doctor known to man.

  10. Yep, my endo said with Hashimoto’s, thyroid quit working, and too bad, kept me on same meds I’ve been on forever and naturopathic doctor has Hashimoto’s herself and has me on thyroid diet and her protocol so will see. Having this and gallbladder out (by mistake) has turned me into a basketball and short, 62 y/o. Elimination diet, healing leaky gut and adrenal gland to heal thyroid and get those numbers then hopefully metabolism kicks back in with low-impact exercise. Got to have faith it can be done!!

  11. Why do people constantly trash Endocrinologists? Is it because they don’t tell you what you want to hear?

  12. Mine took about 12 months. Have patience. As far as endo appointment…you know more than he does.

  13. I’ve been gluten free for 12 years and my antibodies are still 2000+

  14. my Daughters dr is acting like nothing is wrong no communication doesn’t tell her any thing she is still in first stages of finding out. No biopsy for 6 months now.???

  15. My naturopathic dr.’s endocrinologist told her the same thing. Thyroid doesn’t work, sorry. This doctor gets to the source. I’ve done naturopathic since 1999 with fibro and would have been in a wheelchair if I hadn’t. Rheumatologist had me on NSAIDs, which are dangerous, just said to take two if I had more pain. It’s been quite a journey. So glad there is more knowledge and research out there now. I believe my body has gotten use to this I am taking (taken it for 16 years now) and will see what antibody lab shows this time, had it done last week.

  16. Not much from an endo, I will never waste my time with them again, go to an integrative doctor, functional doctor, or naturopath, you’ll have better luck and be at least treated like a human being

  17. I go to my GP and she is wonderful. Have never been to an Endo. Will not go to naturopath, functional or chiropractor for my Hashi’s.

  18. Thanks everyone! I’ll see what my Endo says Monday and take it from there. I’m also starting the AIP diet so hopefully that helps too!

  19. My diet was pretty good before so I noticed it immediately. I feel so much better going gluten free.. inflammation has gone down tremendously…. gluten free sticks to my ribs too..

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