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Sometimes I’m not sure if I ate something with gluten even i read the labels for example peanuts, is it safe? My second question is do you know how long it takes a complete meal of gluten to dissappear from the body.. example I am on my diet but if today i decide to skip it.. how long it will take me to recover considering I’m already doing this diet strictly.. I have anemia and is a very small anemia plus I am silent celiac. Thank you

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  1. My first bit of advice would be to never eat gluten intentionally. While you may not feel the effects for more than a few days, it could take your intestines weeks to heal. Also, continuing to eat gluten as a celiac puts you at a much higher risk (80% – 90%) for things like colon cancer, intestinal cancers, reflux disease, ulcers, and the list goes on and on. Find good replacements for your favorite foods instead of falling into the mind trap that “one cheat won’t hurt”. It will. Welcome to the group. I’m pretty new here, but I was diagnosed almost 20 years ago.

  2. If you only have slight anemia, I recommend cooking in cast iron pans as you get some iron from them. Plus, eat dark leafy green vegetables.

  3. May I gently suggest- this is not a diet- diets have bad outcomes generally.

    Mentally switch gears to a new lifestyle of eating..

  4. there is a score of antibodies when they did my blood test, I was wondering if by any gram of gluten there is an specific amount of antibodies? Is there any table that contains this information for example in how many weeks a gram of gluten will disappear from my body and how many antibodies will this gram of gluten generate on my blood?

  5. It takes 3 weeks for gluten to completely leave the body. You can speed it up with a cleanse (lemon water mixed with a little apple cider vinegar)

  6. I’ve read that it takes months to years to recover the intestine. But id say 1-2 weeks for symptoms.

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