How long should I wait before adding gluten back?


So I started gluten free at the beginning of the month. The first week I felt less bloated and better. Now I’m not so sure. I’m usually hungry more and tired. I don’t have Celiac but I have an intolerance. How long should I wait before adding gluten back? Is it a moderation thing or a 100% removal thing?

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  1. I would try to stay away from gluten Bc it's not very healthy for ur body

  2. I have an intolerance too and I can't have any gluten without it causing issues. I haven't tried to add it back in and if I have gluten it is due to cross contamination. For me, it is a long term thing

  3. Shhhhh. Monsanto doesn't want you to know this.

  4. I was told by my kids dr to eliminate for 2 months and then try back to see if we notice symptoms. My kids felt better by a week in gf and when we added it back, they were screaming in pain by day 3.

  5. I heard from a health coach it's best if you can add a bit back in. You become more reactive the less you have and longer you go without coming in contact with it. She even talked about riding out and working through some symptoms when adding it back in. She suggested something like a true sourdough or a sprouted flour when adding back in.

  6. 100 percent removal. Even small amounts creates inflammation so why add it back in

  7. I've never been able to reintroduce it. As soon as I do, the bloating comes back.

  8. Yeah permanently gone for me

  9. 100% for me. I want remission from Graves. x3C>x3C

  10. Keep at it. It takes a good 3-6 months to get your system adjusted. If you have intolerances there's a strong possibility that you'll not be able to reintroduce those foods that have given you problems. My GI doctor said that since my Graves Disease is an autoimmune disease I will be GF/DF for the rest of my life. I've come to terms with it because I really like feeling good rather than feeling crappy.

  11. I read somewhere that it takes about 6 months for gluten to be completely cleansed from the body.

  12. I noticed a change 3 months in but it took a couple more months for things to feel real good and IBS symptoms to be pretty much gone. If you get "glutened" and symptoms surface then it can take a couple weeks to get it out of your system. All the more reason to be consistent.

  13. It should all depend on what your medical condition is, if any. Your Dr. should be able to help you determine if some consumption or reintroduction is safe for you.

  14. My doctor said gluten and dairy are the two hardest to be able to tolerate again. I have 20 foods or groups I can't have at the moment. Besides gluten and dairy, two big ones are beef and pork.

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