How long until you saw symptom relief?


My 15 years old son finally got into the endocrinologist and he put him on 37.5mg of Levo. So, my questions are:

1. When do you take it, and why? (I thought I saw something someone said about not taking it in the am.)

2. How long until you saw symptom relief?

Side note- someone had asked me about a pediatric endocrinologist at Cleveland Clinic and I said I would let them know how I liked Dr. Kim when we saw him today. He was great. He listened and I think for all of us that’s the most important thing. Sorry I can’t remember who it was that asked me ?.

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  1. I see Dr. Adi Mehta at the Cleve Clinc for Hashimotos and diabetes….he is TOPS!

  2. Most people do take levothyroxine in the morning, actually. Best taken on an empty stomach with a full glass of water at least 30 mins before eating or drinking anything else. That gives the best absorption since the meds can reach the small intestine without any interference. BUT some do take it with other drinks or breakfast and that will work too but the dose may have to be raised. It will probably take quite a while and several increases to get symptom relief. Each new dose takes about 4 – 6 weeks to build up in the system.

  3. I've tried taking it in the morning and at night. Morning worksuch better for me. I couldn't sleep when I took it at night. He will need to get blood work done again in 6 weeks to see what his levels are. It took me a few months of being at the right amount to feel a difference. But I had a TT and it took over a year to get leveled out.

  4. I am at 200 mcg and i take mine within an hour of waking up (afternoon because I am a night shift worker)

    I still have symptoms. Fatigue mainly. And weight gain. But I felt generally ok within a month.

  5. I take mine in the morning

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