How many in here takes borax?


How many in here takes borax how do they feel it is weird that increase estrogen and that can cause breast cancer any in put

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  1. I don't remember reading that Rita Osta Aoun; I thought I read that it normalized hormones. Would you please link where you read that?

  2. I put my borax in my smoothie. It normalizes your hormone. Not causes breast cancer

  3. Boron is a necessary trace mineral as well as a cofactor of Magnesium.

  4. Wich brand y guys are on

  5. 20 mule team

  6. Cheri s this a brand

  7. Yes that is the only brand

  8. Cheri I just checked it on amazon it is for detergent cleaning

  9. There is trace mineral in Amazon it is drops

  10. Yes that is it

  11. Borax is boron

  12. Cheri, how much of it u put in ur smoothie

  13. There is no evidence that it raises estrogen beyond a normal level.

  14. Normalizes hormones….. Good to know. Good question.

  15. Be careful isolating trace minerals. Dr carolyn dean sells a product called ReLyte which is a properly combined 100% absorbable trace mineral which will provide minerals that are combined and ratio properly. If you read about boron you could get overly excited thinking it is great to take but usually these minerals are coupled with other minerals for proper absorption.

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