How many of you are menopausal?


I have one question and one comment:
question: how many of you are menopausal and how are you treated? I just found out I’m not even peri menopausal, I’m full fledged into menopause. I cannot have estrogen of any kind. And hot flashes are the worst!
I had burning feet, especially first thing in the morning, I could not get rid of it (very painful), I found out it can be a part of hypo and my synthroid was upped, tsh went down and burning feet gone!

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  1. I had that. Felt like someone was pouring hot water on them

  2. I was blessed I had my uterus removed several years ago I was born hot so I really had no symptoms of menopause the docs say I went through it

  3. Dianne, I had a hysterectomy at 36, they left my ovaries because I can’t have estrogen, I had erythema nodosum caused by estrogen, it was awful.

  4. Hysterectomy due to endometriosis another fun autoimmune disease. Yes i have been with a GYN who wrote the book on natural bio-identical hormone treatment, which I do in creams x2 and progesterone orally. I was only 39 at the time of total Hysterectomy, so I’ve tried to keep my body it’s appropriate age and now 45. My mom said she had to \

  5. I’m menopausal. I am on bio identical hormones.

  6. I take estrogen. Tried Maca, didn’t cut it. I can’t exist on zero sleep, waking up in a sweat. So estrogen it is! If you can’t, try Maca , evening primrose oil, black cohash, etc.

  7. I am menopausal. I take nothing. GYN said I could take something for the hot flashes but I decided not to. I don’t want to take anymore meds than I need to. My chihuahua puppies love that I run hot. I am their personal fireplace. I now consider it my super power. Lol

  8. Hi Tiercy Dempsey I write you a pm

  9. I went straight from being 1 with normal periods to 32 and postmenopausal. I’m not in anything to increase my levels yet. I have found a great functioning doctor that is fixing the rest of me and will eventually put me on bioidentical.

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