How many of you have vibrators, and if so what kind?


So I have kind of a personal question and it’s not bc related so delete if not allowed.

How many of you have vibrators, and if so what kind? I’m thinking of getting one and I saw a really cute small one, it’s called a bullet and it’s water proof. But I wasn’t sure if they’re worth it. Lol

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  1. Honestly I have a ton. (My bf loves to buy toys lol) My favorite was the Shibari
    megawand but it broke 🙁
    I have a magic wand too which is good.

  2. I have a bullet and a vibrating dildo. Think I got from pinkcherry website

  3. Rabbits or those hitachi ones

  4. I have a few. Have no idea what any of them are called.

  5. I use to love vibes, but for some reason my labia and clitoral hood decided they hate them and they swell like balloon ass every time I use one now. I even got this nice magic wand that was so gentle, and expensive… and now I don't dare touch it or anything else.

    Been looking for detachable shower head options instead… lol

  6. I did a little digging and FemmeFunn Ultra Bullet Vibrator is a relatively cheap bullet that is supposed to be the same quality as the best bullet out there (We-Vibe Tango) but for half the price! It's 40 dollars and you can get additional 10% off with a code "RUBY". 🙂

  7. Personally I'm not a huge fan of the bullets but there are so many options out there that if you don't like it you'll be able to find one you do!

    I just learned about this website and figure I should share it so more people can use it if they need it! ️

  8. Hitachi lol

  9. They numb me so it takes more work next time. Lol

  10. Treat it like an investment. Be prepared to spend a bit more money for high quality, rechargeable toys that will last. Don't buy from Amazon because it's a huge gamble, there are a ton of counterfeits – if the price seems to good to be true compared to other places, it usually is. Buy from reputable retailers instead, the one with the best prices in America is SheVibe, Canadian Come As You Are is great, and in Europe and Australia Lovehoney is a good option. Learn about toxic sex toys and how to avoid them because sex toy industry is unregulated, and even good retailers often sell porous toys that cannot be properly disinfected. Do a ton of research and look into what many different sex toy reviewers say about a particular toy – they know their stuff.

    Some reading materials I recommend:
    1) Toxic toys (Scroll down for materials and manufacturers.)…/toxic_sex_toys_what_to_know…/
    2) Lube guide (Lots of lube is unsafe, too!)
    3) Best sex toys (For vibrators, I personally recommend We-Vibe Touch or Tango, they are universally beloved – small, quiet and powerful. I've had the Touch for almost 2 years and it's amazing! Don't need any other vibrator! When it comes to dildos, you cannot go wrong with Tantus or Vixen. Check out Tantus' Grab Bags for excellent discounts. And Vixen comes with a lifetime guarantee!)

    Hope this helps! I did a lot of research when I was picking my toys so if you want to know something specific and need more guidance, just let me know!

  11. I would also post this in The Soap Box

  12. I have one from todds and it's soooo nice. Lets me find a picture

  13. Shibari halo

  14. The one I'm looking at is $10 at Spencer's (a store in the mall, not sure if there is one where you guys live) and it's my favorite color so that's definitely a plus. I'm excited about it being waterproof cause I used to have a detachable shower head, but not anymore 🙁 lol

  15. I have loads I have two new ones coming tomorrow 😀

  16. I've never had one before and I'm a week away from being 30 isn't that sad? Lol so I thought I'd treat myself lmao

  17. I have a bullet. Its amazing.

  18. Hitachi magic wand

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