How many of you suffer from eczema?


So quick question: how many of you suffer from eczema? My boyfriend has really bad eczema to the point where practically everything he tries bothers his skin. Recently, he tried pure shea butter and now his skin is blotchy. How much of this is because of the celiac? Do you all have any advice or suggestions as to what products might work for him?

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  1. My husband did really bad before going gf

  2. Vanicream lotion is the only thing that helps the eczema on my hands. It’s a super thick formula and I get it right at Walmart.

  3. I use the aquafor in the tub. Slather it on and leave for 5 mins then pat your skin with a towel to get the excess

  4. My brother says coconut oil is the only thing that works for him.

  5. +1 for coconut oil.

  6. I have eczema too! Mine bothers me sometimes n I don’t do anything about it

  7. My brother, niece, and nephew all have eczema severe! Modere has been a great product for them. The products are toxin free

  8. Alexis Rae …. has he tried Modere?

  9. There is still something he is injesting internally that is causing the eczema eruptions on the skin. You have to be diligent and not eat what is causing inflammation out break on skin. My sister and co worker would cheat on eating gluten, dairy, coffee or chocolate and break out right away on their hands. Nothing made a difference what they put on their hands until they stopped eating or drinking what they should be staying away with all the time. Keep diet clean and note down what flares up his skin and stay away from it.

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