How many of you take iodine?


How many of you take iodine? I was thinking about taking iodine but I am pregnant so I am nervous. I also have HYPER thyroid autoimmune issues (thankfully in remission right now due to MSM). Anyway, was curious as to how you supplement with iodine if you do? Seaweed? Lugols? I know Iodine is part of the ZOMBIS protocol, but I also worry about taking iodine while pregnant… I dont want my hyper thyroid to come back in pregnancy… athough right now I dont see anything in my diet that would be a good source of iodine.

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  1. I was also curious about this. I just received my urine iodine test back and it said I was normal at 170. Not sure what is optimal though.

  2. I get it in my Dr. Fuhrman vitamin.

  3. The iodine group doesn't recommend going above 12.5mg during pregnancy if you haven't supplemented previously. The thing to remember about iodine is that it shouldn't be taken alone. Your selenium level is really important in keeping things like thyroid conditions under control. I'm a fan of iodine but I'm not sure I'd start during pg in the presence of an autoimmune condition.

  4. Dr. Brownstein has a book that outlines the iodine protocol. I have ordered mine and waiting impatiently for it. He seems to be the iodine guru.

  5. I have taken iodine and only seen excellent results, although I did have some weight gain with the iodoral. i have read most of Lynne Farrow's book and some of Dr. Brownstein's book. I have been researching the iodine for many months. When I take it, my skin gets softer, I have MUCH more energy and it is all good! There are many women who have taken it during pregnancy and had excellent results. Lynne had breast cancer and no longer does! Your body will excrete what you do not need, and use what it does. Being pregnant, you should definitely get one or both books and read up on it. The two most important supplements, in my opinion, are magnesium and iodine! They are calling babies whose mothers took iodine "iodine babies" and they have greater health and higher weights than those without. There are many receptors in your body that require iodine. If i had it to do over, no question, I would be using the iodine during pregnancy.

  6. Of the two books, Lynnes book is like talking to a girlfriend in your kitchen, Dr Brownsteins book is very "medical". Both have so much information. Good luck!

  7. What are your current levels?

    Get it from salt for now.

  8. I don't know if you need or should take it I'm not trained about that but I can't see how kelp could hurt. You can eat some kelp or seaweed?

  9. Go to the Iodine Workshop forum on facebook and join the group. You are required to read the books before questioning them though and they are very strict about it. Knowledge is a good thing in my opinion so don't be intimidated. Good Luck!

  10. I have the same thing going on, I've been on the verge of hyperthyroid for a while.when you supplement with iodine especially since you have thyroid issues you need to do so with the doctor. Dr. tenpenny suggests for patients with hyperthyroid to take Selenium for two months and then to take iodine, such as Iodoral tablets, which contain 12.5mg iodine. I'm pregnant also in looking into this. You can get your dose of selenium daily by eating Brazil nuts. Dr. Jorge flechas recommends that all pregnant women take 12.5 MG of iodine a day. I'd recommend watching their videos on iodine. P.m. me if you have any questions 🙂

  11. Lynne Farrow's and Dr Brownstein's books are important to read. The best place to ask this question is here:

    The moderators do request that you read the books in order to be completely informed. I recommend starting with Lynn's. They have a lending library link there as well for the books.

  12. See if SeaSnax tastes good. My nutritionist says to go by what your body is telling you….if it tastes good, and I love it, but my husband turns up his nose, you need it, and she's telling me, altho I'm not pregnant to eat that for the iodine.

  13. Sea weed is toxic

  14. Don't mess around with guesswork when it comes to iodine. Go to a regulated nutritional therapist. Someone who is approved a respected organisation such as BANT in the UK, or your country's regulatory body etc

  15. If you have Lugol's iodine 5% solution, how do you know how many drops equal the proper dosage?

  16. Not enough iodine in salt! Or toxic seaweed.

  17. I have recently found out that the company makingmy Boron(10mg) & Selenium (150mcg) supplement ( here in New Zealand) are now adding iodine – in the form of 'organic' sea kelp. They have said it is the richest natural source of iodine and problems ( thyroid) arise when taking inorganic forms of iodine.

  18. No, organic derived iodine (kelp) is contaminated. That's why the iodine supplements come from pristine undergound brine mines in Chile that hasn't been affected. Pesticides, arsenic, oil spill dispersants all contaminate seaweed. The oceans are poisoned.

  19. Thanks Norm Storm

  20. This argument can go on and on….we cannot totally avoid heavy metals. They are in the air, in the soil, in our foods. What we can do is decrease our absorption of them by having optimal mineral, i.e. Magnesium, status so our bodies do not grab onto them as a substitute.

  21. What argument, Barbara Nye?

  22. Whether seaweed, sea salts, with the possibility of being contaminated, should be avoided. I eat seaweed and use sea salts.

  23. I've noticed that many seaweed eaters are committed to eating seaweed regardless of the evidence. We wish you well. BTW, this doesn't apply to sea salt because the contaminants precipitate out. Tho Himalayan may have that dynamite processing thing going on.

  24. And what about all seafood? Contaminated? Or only the big mouthed fish? Etc, etc.

  25. If there is lots of contamination does this make us require More magnesium?

  26. Seafood is less contaminated. Smaller fish much less contaminated. The problem with seaweed is the structure (the symporters) that makes it excellent for sucking up iodine and other nutrients also makes it great for absorbing the toxic chemicals like fire retardants. 🙁

  27. Will research this, Norm. Thanks for you input.

  28. Iodine helps detox bromine. If you're pregnant any detoxing will affect the baby. I didn't take iodine when pregnant, although struggled with the decision

  29. I didn't know about iodine when preg my son tho there was a minimum in the pre natal vitamin. When I became pregnant with my daughter I was told to take 12.5 mg during pregnancy and nursing. You can definitely tell the difference. She was bigger and is much smarter. I give them both Iodine now by paining a drop of Lugol's on their skin.

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