How many people have fibromyalgia too?


How many people have fibromyalgia too? I’m so confused. I was diagnosed with it for two painful years, but then a doctor told me it was celiac – instead – not fibromyalgia. Although now it feels like it’s returned…Maybe I just got glutened. ? Hurting

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  1. I have body pain that comes and goes. Gluten and sleep loss both cause the pain for me.

  2. I have a multitude of health problems including fibromyalgia. I have taken thousands and thousands of dollars of the best supplements, tried cutting food from my diet (you know, that food free diet) to going paleo. I take nearly every hormone because I’m deficient and never gain any ground, same with vitamins and minerals. Some things have decreased pain but never gotten rid of it. Probably the most help has been low dose naltrexone. But I just wonder if we’ll ever figure out the root cause in my life time. Think I. Kinda lost rack of what I was saying

  3. I’ve had fibromyalgia for almost 22 years!

  4. Fibro is what I think of when celiac has gone too far in the damage phase. My aunt has it real bad. She was diagnosed with it almost 17 years ago. They finally did a celiac test on her 4 years ago and positive. I have had pressure point/nerve pain for several years. It comes and goes. As long as I am GF, Nut free, soy free- I can keep it under control. Turmeric supplements have been the biggest help. I also have carpal tunnel but I question that too because I only have carpal tunnel pain on gluten.

  5. I was diagnosed with fibro 15 years ago and celiac sprue 20 years ago.

  6. i mean 25 years for fibro

  7. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in my early 20s (does quick math, ack, almost 20 years ago, lol). And nothing helped, until going GF. I still suffer when some gluten accidentally gets into my system, but otherwise seems like my fibromyalgia, was in truth celiac all along.

  8. Thank you everyone, this is helpful. I think I’ve just been consuming too much accidental gluten from living in Japan for 2.5 years. I need to return to the states.

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