How much b vitamins are in the pollen?


So I’ve been taking bee pollen instead of b vitamin complexes. I do take b12 since bee pollen is said to not have much b12 in it. But how do we even know how much b vitamins are in the pollen, or if we are getting the recommended daily amount? The bottle of stakich I have says nothing about b vitamins on the nutritional values.

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  1. I thought be pollen had all b vitamins plus more.

  2. Bee pollen is a good source of the vitamin. As I understand it, food sources are not as crucial in there measurements because the body sees them and takes what it needs. This would be especially true of water soluble vitamins, like b's, add what is not needed would just be eliminated. I don't know yet about which vitamins, as I was under the same impression as Janice Anderson Ryan.

  3. I'm hoping it does ! I'm just wondering why it's not listed on the label info. Vitamin a, calcium, iron are and there daily percentages but no 'b's" . I think we are still supposed to supplement b12 when taking b pollen

  4. Bee pollen will really make you hungery.

  5. I don't need to be hungry and want to eat more.

  6. Bee does the opposite for me. Takes all my cravings away . I eat less and better when I take it.

  7. But it makes you feel good right!?!?

  8. I've not heard about bee pollen causing an increase in appetite. I've been taking it for about a month now and love it. Seems like I have more energy.

  9. This last one says bee pollen does have b 12. I guess it's whichever fits your needs.

  10. Ive been reading lately on b12 since I think my issues stem from a b12 deficiency. Apparently, there is no upper limit on how much b12 you can take, Stay away from cyanocbalamine as it is synthetic. I have been tring to identify the food that has the most b12 density? if anyone knows, please let me know. Thanks!

  11. It is NOT a question of buyer beware. Many things can have B12 in forms the body cannot utilize.

  12. MJ Hampstead whats the best form of b12 and all the other b vitamins? Thanks

  13. What about using nutritional yeast for B12, as well? That is a natural source, and it used to be toutetd a lot for B Vitamins in the past.

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