How much B6 are you supposed to take with magnesium?


Hello guys, I have question. How much B6 are you supposed to take with magnesium? Thank you all.

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  1. bee pollen daily and liver once per week

  2. How much bee pollen should you take daily? And how much B6 is in it?

  3. 26-50 mg

  4. I was taking 80mg B6 and developed quite the levels…. Way way above normal. Though feeling good.

    Read yesterday 10mg is good.

  5. Can/should I take bee pollen if I am already taking a B Complex Supp?

  6. Also, do you have to take your B6 at the same time you take your magnesium or just in the same day?

  7. I take my B6 in the morning.

  8. B6, as part of the whole B complex, is best taken early in the day as it is energizing.
    Magnesium is best when small amounts are taken several times a day.

  9. Is Bee pollen better to take than just B6?

  10. Where can I purchase local bee pollen?

  11. Bee pollen is now recommended as the source of Bs by the owner of this group

  12. Going after local oranic bee pollen today.

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