How much hair is needed for HTMA?


How much hair is needed for HTMA? I’m getting it dyed tomorrow and my kit hasn’t come yet, I want to cut for the testing before dying. TIA!

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  1. 1.5 inches from the scalp.

  2. 100g (or 1 Tbls) of hair is needed

  3. So it needs to be virgin hair?

  4. Awesome, thank you!

  5. Nails are just as good? I don't want to cut my hair..

  6. I actually got the instructions by email, just saw them. I might have to wait, I'm in a wedding this Friday and I can't cut as much hair as what's needed. My hair is pretty thin already.

  7. U can use pubic hair

  8. Two questions: I'm going to my hairdresser soon. I have not ordered an htma yet. If I have her cut my hair for an htma, what can I store it in until I have the envelope provided by the kit? Also, how long will the cut-hair sample stay good for: If I wait a few weeks to send it in, will it still be accurate?

  9. I'm in a similar position Gidgie. I ordered my HTMA from Morley 18 days ago and haven't received it yet and I have apt to get hair cut on Saturday . I'm just hoping it arrives within next 3 days . I live in U.K.

  10. Would the results be inaccurate if it is dyed hair?

  11. I"m getting conflicting anwers…I was told that as long as it is one tbsp of virgin hair it didn't matter how long it was grown out from the scalp

  12. I was recenlty told that my 1/4 inch virgin hair from the scalp would be sufficient just as long as I had enough equivalent to one tablespoon, as per Dr Liz..and of course as long as it weighed enough I would imagine

  13. Robin Angelle Kilpatrick-Realtor
    It's length vs weight… the shorter the hair, the more snips needed to make the scale tip. That's all it takes… Cheers!

  14. Thank you, Thank you Brilliant man 🙂 Got it

  15. It's weighted. My hair is very fine and it took more than 1 tablespoon.

  16. The precise amount needed is 125mgs, but few have a scale that goes down that far…

  17. Will virgin hair work from other parts of the body.

  18. Thank you Morley!

  19. So if I don't receive my kit by Saturday can I still get my hair cut and keep it in an envelope until the kit arrives? Just need an answer to this Please anyone !

  20. Can I send the sample of hair from France ?

  21. I'm sending mine from Northern Ireland when I get the kit Ghinnin.

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