How much have y’all paid for your IUD?


How much have y’all paid for your IUD? I may have to get mine replaced (not sure yet), & I have different insurance than my first time. I’m worried I might have to pay tons just to get it replaced. Which I definitely can’t afford. ?

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  1. $20 copay at planned parenthood, but I would go to them no matter what especially if you don't have insurance. They're honestly amazing. I realize not everyone has access to PP but if you can go there I definitely would. You can even go without an apt it's first come first serve in the mornings.

  2. I'm in Ohio. I'm gonna talk to my gyno about it today since I'm at my appointment.

  3. Are you in California?

  4. Free
    I have kaiser

  5. $52 for the device, and $300 for the appointments with the Gyno.

  6. $35 per appointment since my insurance covered it.

  7. Over $400 for mine

  8. Thanks, guys. The insurance I had before paid for it. As well as the office visit. This time with the new insurance, I'll probably pay $20 for the office visit but if I have to get a new IUD, I don't know if I'll be able to afford it.

  9. I paid $0. See of your insurance abides by the Affordable Care Act because if so then it shouldn't have a copay. Worst case you could go to a clinic and ask for litetta. It's similar to mirena just a bit more affordable.

  10. I got one at one point for $0 then got it taken out two weeks later for $0 due to complications. I went through Planned Parenthood.

  11. I paid $20 through the health department and it was free to get it taken out

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