How much mag can a 90lb 9 year old have?


New question regarding kids. How much mag can a 90lb 9 year old have? She has the worst immunity in the house. Gets sick often. I have her on a lot of supplements, kid green drinks, coll Silver, probiotics, gac juice and more. She has managed to stay clear of flu and strep while friends in class are sick. She has anxiety, respiratory issues with croup and sports induced asthma, ADHD and just gets little illness like colds more often than we like.

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  1. try q96 for her adhd and anxiety

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  3. see results in days to weeks

  4. try mangosteen for the asthma and respirtory issues

  5. I had exercise-induced asthma when I was in high school. It was from an iron deficiency. If I'd known back then that cooking with cast iron could've helped I'd have gotten into it back then. Anyway, that explained my never-ending craving for black olives at the time.

  6. following.thx

  7. If she has ADHD , the GAPS Diet will heal her gut & fix the ADHD. & once her bowel is healthy so will she . 70% of your immune system is in your bowel

  8. xango works the best but is the most expensive so try naturalhealthlabs mangosteen 12.99$ 3 3Times a day

  9. 5mg per lb of weight

  10. My 9yo (not 90lbs, about 70lbs) gets approx 300mg mag daily. More when he is constipated.

  11. Sounds like she may have vitamin/ mineral deficiencies? Has she had blood work done? Was she vaccinated?

  12. Re asthma the sports triggers the attack but the cause will most certainty be a food intolerance. Often the culprit is sulphites but you may want to look further afield with the croup etc. have you tried any elimination diets?

  13. I was misdiagnosed with Sports Induced for my entire childhood through college despite becoming a D3 Cross Country runner. Had the works – steroid inhalers, liquid medication, etc. It was finally discovered when seeing an Ear Nose and Throat specialist that I had a severely deviated septum (90% blocked on one side!). I didn't get sick often as a child but I did hold on to things longer when I did. May be an avenue worth exploring if you haven't already?

  14. We did do an elimination diet and I do have her off of dairy now. Her diet is close to paleo but kids still get their hands on some sugar products but I try to keep that minimal as much as possible. We have had her scoped as little one which focused on throat. Her tonsils are now gone due to chronic strep as a little one and chronic ear infections. That was a long time ago. She rarely gets ear infections anymore. Her dad has eosinophilic esophagitis and we know for sure he is allergic to wheat. Not celiac. She has very sensitive skin which will flair up all food related. Camp last summer tore her up not on a regulated diet. She came home with severe eczema and a virus that turned into pneumonia. I would love to do a good lab test to check her vitamin and mineral deficiencies. She is allergic to tree nuts, as her dad and some for her sis. Her grandpa has a septum problem. She has the biggest appetite and loves meat. She is not overweight. Right now we do nutritional response therapy and she takes plant based supplements to help with ADHD symptoms and illness. Yes she has been vaccinated. I agree with the bowel and am fighting this. I'll look into more of these suggestions. Thank you all. 🙂

  15. I second the suggestion to use GAPS, or maybe SCD (specific carbohydrate diet,) to address sugar. My body reacts to big glycemic shifts with a histamine response. If I keep the glycemic load constant, then I have far fewer instances of reactions.

    Bone broth and l-glutamine are the two things I would recommend if you aren't already doing it. They will help heal leaky gut, which is the primary culprit in allergies. Also, consider eliminating nightshade vegetables to see if this helps. Potatoes, tomatoes (especially raw, which cause a lot of allergic reactions,) peppers and eggplant. See if she might respond to removing these.

    To the folks posting links to sites on which you sell your MLM supplements, please use caution. Prescribing, diagnosing, and setting protocols while selling nutritional supplements is a violation of DSHEA, and is a bad habit. Regardless of whether or not it violates federal regulations, no one should EVER be prescribing or setting protocols for children. It's fine to put info out there for the parent to research, and check with their chosen care provider, but anything more puts the child's health at risk and YOU are responsible for that.

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